Vamos A Quepos!

Today I’m going to the beach! Most of my time so far in Costa Rica has been spent in the capital city of San Jose, with the exception of a day spent in Jaco, Puntaeras, where I went to the beach, and alligator river, and a lovely lunch (pictures to come).

Here’s a few things I’ve bought for the 3 hour travel and 4 day trip! Magazines in spanish (I’m learning some important fashion terminology!) some skull flip flops, and a Sex Pistols tank, all courtesy of my Costa Rican mother who doesn’t take no for an answer.


See ya soon! I have a few posts lined up though while I’m away so you won’t get bored!


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One response to “Vamos A Quepos!

  1. Mags are always essential for a trip. Love the tank.

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