Manuel Antonio Day 3: I’m on a Boat

On my third day in Manuel Antonio, we woke up at 7 am to go snorkeling! I’d never been and it had been a dream of mine! We took a lovely coastal ride in the boat and then threw anchor on a nice little reef. My host family had warned me that it was “red tide” meaning there were supposedly more sharks than usual so I was a bit more nervous than I should have been, but all was good.

Things I saw: Lots of blue fishies, some brown fish, a poisonous sea urchin, a live starfish who walked all over my hand. Dolphins. And NO sharks!

After I’d had my fun in the salty sea it was time to relax on the boat with some fresh pineapple before taking a few jumps off the top of the boat; SO MUCH FUN!

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4 responses to “Manuel Antonio Day 3: I’m on a Boat

  1. that poor starfish never made it home

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