Sahra Schukraft: Photographer’s Assistant

Last weekend I took a trip to Boston with my best and favorite photographer, Greg Easton, to assist him in a band’s photoshoot! It was my first time EVER working behind the scenes and it was quite fun! As you can see though, I was in front of the lens helping to test lights and such as well. Also, note me still rocking my hospital bracelet. After the bad week I was too afraid of something new bad happening (and ofcourse, I take it off and just a few days later came my second accident).

DIY Red Sox tee

Bullhead shorts from PacSun

Forever 21 sunglasses

Also, I went out later that night (after adding some thigh high tights to my outfit)

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16 responses to “Sahra Schukraft: Photographer’s Assistant

  1. thank you so much for your comment! 😀
    Love love love this post!!


    i like the third photo! you rock, girl. 😀
    Thanks for your comment on my blog recently, I do appreciate it..


  3. So positive. I like your t-shirt

  4. really cool outfit girl!!
    thank you ^^

  5. cool outfit and photos.

  6. super cool photos!

  7. My favourite is the one with your fingers up your nose! Badass, haha. Its shit that youve had such a bad run lately, but hopefully it will all start falling into place soon.

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