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I don’t know about you, but it’s always been one of my dreams to own a really nice statement watch; something classic and potentially timeless. I had narrowed my preferences down to one brand, Michael Kors. He seemed to be the go-to watch brand for every successful woman I encountered.

Thanks to TJ Maxx I was able to fulfill my dream, at a fraction of retail cost, for the same amount of style. I’m smitten with my new beaut. What do you think? White ceramic with pearlized background and the crystals on the edging and ah; I repeat: smitten.

Anyway, just wanted to show off my new arm candy to you all even though it’s guaranteed you’ll be seeing plenty of her soon enough!

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14 responses to “New In

  1. At TJ Maxx??? No way!! Crazy. I have spent a fortune on Kors watches!

    Love TJ and Marshalls! But have yet to see nice watches, and i love in LA/SF!

  2. Interesting and tatesful ideas!

  3. Love it! That’s a really unique and cool watch. 🙂 Thanks for your sweet comment on my post!!

  4. The watch is awesome!

  5. Great watch!

    Kisses from Italy


  6. I’m on the hunt for the perfect MK statement watch for one of my BFF’s birthday — aren’t they all just fabulous? 🙂 And totally with you on the TJ’s watch alert — I scored my own statement watch (an oversized gold DKNY) there last year for super cheap and it’s fabulously blingy!

  7. Beautiful! I love the rose gold Michael Kors watch that’s been doing the rounds lately – but a watch just isnt an investment for me when I always check the time on my phone :p

  8. Awesome! I recently bought wrist bling too heh Thanks to Rose gold, black and diamonds. Love it, and loved the savings! heh. I’m a big fan these days of big watches on girly wrists. Looks good!

  9. I love it! Great purchase 🙂

    – Victoria

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