Corded Florals

Sometimes there’s one piece in your wardrobe that seems to stand the test of time better than the rest. Take this dress for example; when I bought it it was nothing special, just another floral cotton day dress for warm summer times, found at Target for a mere $14.95. Flash forward 3 something years, and it’s still in my closet. It’s been worn through the fall with knee high boots, through the winter with thick opaque tights, spring with fun cardigans and flats, and ofcourse, through  scorching summers. This cheaply purchased dress has timelessly lasted.

Vintage corduroy vest

Target dress

Target sunglasses

Michael Kors watch

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16 responses to “Corded Florals

  1. So cute. Love the floral dress.

  2. cute outfit, we love your dress!

  3. you’ve GOT to be kidding me. this outfit is horrible. you have NO SENSE OF STYLE WHATSOEVER just give up.

  4. Angela Donava

    La robe est tres belle!!! J’aime beaucoup ton look!

    Angela Donava

  5. Thats a really cool vest!! Now Im looking for vests on my closet..

  6. Great tattoo :)

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