The Mary Portas Collection

Video by CrispyDuckVideos

I’ve recently been contacted by the House of Fraser team to talk to you all about the stunningly amazing Mary Portas Collection! This collaboration is the perfect mix of everything I aspire to be as I age into a business woman; clean lines, fun prints, a little bit kinky with these kinky knickers. Nothing says EffortlessCool more than leather detailing and abstract florals, don’t you agree? The greatest part; everything is currently on SALE! and they offer fast affordable international shipping!

Okay, so not only is the collection clothes, it’s bags, shoes, accessories and even home accessories as well!

Seriously, amazing collection, with reasonable prices. Be sure to check out the full collection here!

4 responses to “The Mary Portas Collection

  1. Those printed pants and that dress are just beautiful – great picks!


  2. thrillofthechaise

    I love Mary. She is so badass.


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