America, Eff Yeah!

Fun Patriotic look I wore to feel festive on the third. Also wore it out to a Fourth of July party in Providence!

DIY thrifted Levi’s
American Apparel gifted top
Target bikini top
Thrifted hat
Forever 21 sunglasses
Rings from Forever 21 and Aldo

Oh, and let’s not forget that nothing says “MURRRRICA” more than McDonald’s and apple pie!

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42 responses to “America, Eff Yeah!

  1. I’m totally loving sheer tshirts right now. i have a lingerie giveaway on the blog at the moment if your interested! xx

  2. thanks for your comment! love this outfit. its just perfect

  3. Your nails are fantastic!! mine never get that longer :/

  4. outfit is amaizing ! I LOVE YOUR SHORTS !

  5. Cool shorts! I like the star bikini under the red shirt. Happy 4th 🙂

  6. loving your top!!

  7. I love looking at 4th of July outfits..& I love yours!!

  8. Your nails are so awesome! I wish mine were that long! =)

  9. Cool style! I love love love your nails! I tried that shape so many times but if just doesn’t fit my hands… it looks weird on me 🙂

  10. you look amazing!love the top with the bikini!


    Great DIY shorts ❤


  12. i love how I can see the starts underneath the sheer top… genius look girl.xx

  13. Your shorts are amazing! I know I say this late but HAPPY FREAKING 4th OF JULYY!! 🙂 xx

  14. great 4th look! saw some of your pics on instagram 🙂 I really want an apple pie now lol

  15. Super cute style girl! Happy late 4th! Hope you had a good one!

    Rachel’s Lookbook

  16. Love this!! Great vintage shorts + the sheer red over that swimsuit top is an awesome combo! Thanks for your comment 🙂


  17. I have the same bar ring! Love your look for the 4th! Oooh yeah I should have had some apple pie.

  18. I love it – especially the shape of your nails. Followed you on blogloving, keen to see what you’re wearing next 😉

  19. Such a perfect outfit for 4th of July 🙂 Lovely!


  20. Nice post dear!! Thank you for commenting and visiting my blog a while ago! Like yours too! How about following each other on bloglovin and gfc? Let me know once you do, that way I’ll follow you back! Waiting for you!

    Have a nice day, xoxo lorena

  21. gosh that’s pretty cool ❤

    xo Daisy

  22. tres tres cool! and full of attitude!

    do you want to follow each other (on bloglovin’ and gfc)? let me know!
    see you around!

  23. love the sheer red top with the star print bikini – and your rings are great.

    ❤ katherine

  24. looking good with the red top! and btw… I like the apple pie too, it’s so yummmm

    Have a nice weekend!

  25. DUH. have to have the mickey d’s apple pie on the 4th! America f yeah!

  26. rebel rousHER

    Very fun patriotic outfit! Your star ring is really neat 🙂


  27. great look! love the sheer top.


  28. mcdonalds apple pie–NOT VEGAN

    • I’ve never claimed to be vegan, only vegetarian. Again, take your comments elsewhere or I can call the police with your IP address. I’ve done this before to other people. Theres no room or time
      In my life for petty trolls.

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