Maine Photo Diary 2012

A few photos off my camera from vacation:
(warning, photo-heavy post)




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10 responses to “Maine Photo Diary 2012

  1. Love both your bathing suits! I wish I was out on the beach right now!!!

  2. awesome photos…love the bikini’s.xx

  3. Love the bikini! Wish I was by the sea right now!

  4. I like your crazy bikini! Do a post on your tattoos maybe? I’d love to get a good look at them (in the least creepy way possible) !

  5. Thanks for your visit to my blog! You have fearless style, girl! The colorful bathing suit with the eyes and teeth is so unique. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it, and I’ve seen a lot of swimsuits, I’m from Miami!

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