Recipe Monday: Breakfast Sushi + FoodStaGram

If you’re looking for a simple, yet satisfying and unique breakfast; THIS IS IT!


peanut butter

flour/wheat wrap


Step 1: Spread peanut butter generously over the entire surface of your wrap:

make sure it touches the edges, as it will hold together better.

Step 2: place banana to one side and roll, tightly.

Step 3: Cut off the ends, then cut about 3/4″ pieces.

Step 4: bust out your chopsticks and enjoy!

Now, FoodStaGram. I know I hadn’t posted a recipe in weeks and I’m terribly sorry! It’s not because I haven’t been cooking, I have! I just forget that maybe I should take pictures/document until I’m halfway finished whipping up a meal.

So, in exchange for those missing weeks, I give you FoodStaGram. A collective of food images from my InstaGram feed!

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9 responses to “Recipe Monday: Breakfast Sushi + FoodStaGram

  1. Salivating right now. These do look yummy.

  2. Hello pretty!!!
    thank you to visit me!!! I like your blog!!! and… I will try the recipe!! yummy!!

  3. i am trying this right now! what an amazing idea!! xo

  4. Angela Donava

    Le post est appetissant!!!J’adoore
    Angela Donava

  5. WOW this is such a delicious post!!! Great pics and thx for sharing doll.

    PS. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. Come visit soon.

    ❤ Marina

  6. I’m so hungry right now it’s not even funny lol cool post

  7. Angela Donava

    mmm…un post appetissant!J’adore
    Angela Donava

  8. Omgosh these food looks delicious!!

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