Looking Forward

I’ve been planning alot for the future as of late; though when specifically I’m so unsure. I want my own room and/or office, someday. I’ve even drawn up a dream blueprint. I want to move, but to where I’m unsure. Out of New England that’s for sure…Florida, LA, back to NYC? I’m bored and itching for something new.

In a more nearsighted future, I’m looking forward to NYFW. Planning outfits, what to do, shows to see, who to see, being back in that city that I so adore…. Here’s a peak into what I’m planning for looks!


In the even closer future; if you follow me on InstaGram (@EffortlessCoolSahra) you’ll have noticed my new found obsession with Pretty Little Liars. This Tuesday is the mid-season finale and I’ll be hosting a dinner and viewing party at my home for my friends; tons of food and conspiracy theories about A.


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