I’ve Lost A Lot But I Won’t Let This Die

Simple outfit I wore to the mall to stock up on some fall pieces with my sister! Kept it fairly simple.

Sorry for my absence, I’ve had little support, morally and financially lately and was feeling really down and irrelevant (really; how could I define my life’s worth by whether or not I own Jeffrey Campbell’s). But with the help of a new job and a smidge of support from my mother and sister, I’m back! and though I’m taking a break from this season’s Fashion Week (the first I haven’t been a part of since 2008) I’m ready to dedicate myself and be back at it better than EVER come February. Until then, my outfit posts may subside, but I solemnly swear to update at least once a week.

Now, back to the outfit….

DIY detached collar

Thrifted tee from Saver’s

BCBG skirt

Calvin Klein flats

R&Em gifted bag

Ear chain from HotTopic

Michael Kors watch

Urban Outfitters ring

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8 responses to “I’ve Lost A Lot But I Won’t Let This Die

  1. It’s silly but I have been feeling exactly the same. Funny to hear you put it like that “really; how could I define my life’s worth by whether or not I own Jeffrey Campbell’s”

    But funnily enough I totally understand what you mean. Like your tshirt!

  2. Super look!J’aime bien la jupe! biz:)
    Angela Donava

  3. So stunning 🙂 I am loving the combination of prints and textures in the all black outfit 🙂

  4. aaaargh you look so cool here in these photos! and i love your header!
    thanks for visiting my blog! (:

    Putri Soe

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