My Darling I’m Taking My Life Back to Start Healing

If you haven’t caught on by now I’m quite a fan of the whole neon trend; more specifically the lime-ade hue. This caged back dress was the perfect addition to my closet, even if it’s a size too big. It has the perfect subtle hints of playfulness and sexiness.

Kirra dress via PacSun

Aldo oxford flats

Michael Kors watch

Nordstrom chain bracelet

DIY Friendship bracelet

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10 responses to “My Darling I’m Taking My Life Back to Start Healing

  1. This is cute – I have a dress like that, but its in this sort of in between beige/brown colour that looked way better on me when I used to tan 😥

  2. Cute dress. The back is such a statement piece.

  3. This is nice, I don’t mind neon either. Neon pink for me though. Love it.

  4. You look great! 🙂

  5. Oh, I always wanted to have hair like this but I wasn;t so confident!

  6. Loving the peek-a-boo yellow in this outfit!


  7. This looks great, love the dress! xo

  8. These high-cut shorts from Runwaydreamz take the trend to a whole new level with a psychedelic combination of bright hues. As if that weren’t enthralling enough, they also have additionally exciting features including frays, rips, holes and silver studs on the back. Perfect apparel for the festival season, these shorts can also suitable for everyday wear if paired with more neutral pieces like a basic white tee or black cami.

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