Girl Crush: IHateBlonde

This girl….a friend pointed me in the direction of her Facebook a few months ago and it’s been a growing crush ever since. The girl behind the blog, Rachel, seems to live in WildFox sweaters and Unif Hellbounds; the things my dreams are made of. A gorgeous, blonde New Yorker with style; I’m smitten.

Certifiably bad-a$$ with a killer body and tres effortless cool style; can I just BE her already!?

What do you think of her style? Be sure to check out her blog,!

14 responses to “Girl Crush: IHateBlonde

  1. She is everything I wish I was lol. I love her street style. It looks so effortless. I love her shots as well.

  2. What a complete badass! She’s stunning.
    Isn’t That Charming.

  3. Great shots!


  4. she’s amazing blogger 🙂 i really like her work!:)
    would you like to follow each other?

  5. So great!! I’ve never heard of her, but I LOVE her style.

  6. Oh wow…thank you for pointing her in my direction. I’ve seen photos of her and loved her style, but didn’t know who she was 🙂

    Also, thank you again for stopping by my blog! Appreciate it!!

  7. Wowowow. Thanks for putting me onto her… think I just developed another girl crush

  8. OH MY GOD she is amazing!! Ha, her style is ridiculous serious girl crush too! In terms of present ideas for a brother- a quirky iPhone case or something (if he has an eye phone) ooor they have really cute rucksacks in RI for boys at the moment, if he’s that sorta guyyyy xx

  9. damn i want all her boots!

  10. She’s totally a cutie and super cool too.

  11. Amazing pictures and girl ! I definitely love her style !!!

    XX Selma

  12. Such great images!
    I cant get enough of dimepiece designs!
    Love your blog!

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