March In An Instant

Is March REALLY over? The past few months have been a blur; I’ve been rather busy packing and haven’t had much time for outfit posts.

After my trip to Baltimore in February, I decided to apply for jobs on a whim…and heard back from many! I start a new job in exactly one week, in a new city, in a new home; My new adventure awaits. That being said, any followers/fellow Baltimore/DC bloggers out there? I’d love to make new friends who are as creative and fashion oriented with me! Also, I’ve lined up work with a few photographers and have some great roommates so I’m hoping you’ll be seeing more than iPhone/instagrammed outfits out of me soon!

In the meantime, enjoy my March InstaGram ReCap (and be sure to follow me @EffortlessCoolSahra)!

XO Sahra

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6 responses to “March In An Instant

  1. Wow! Amazing photos! Happy Easter 🙂

  2. Love your grams gurl xx


  3. Really lovely pictures x

  4. Pretty girl! I am happy for you 🙂
    Yay for new beginnings !!

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