We Know That Our Hearts Are Just Made Out of Strings

A second post from the whirlwind that has been my settling into life in the DMV! It’s been tedious…It’s been work. I’ve been unpacking, working, traveling, trying my best to explore and socialize, et cetera. What I’m craving most? A nice, relaxing evening involving a chill bean bag (remember those!?) and a movie with a bottle of wine, or a champagne cocktail. Alas, there’s much to be explored as I’m on the hunt for the perfect blog photographer, group of friends, brunch restaurant, lunch spot, dinner diggs, quality man; amongst maintaining my life at my new “home” with friends and new job. Confused/overwhelmed? So am I. These photos were shot by an area photographer, Kevin, who’s work can be found on his site here. He’s got a great eye and some great ideas, so I’m hoping you’ll be seeing more of his work up here!

Top and Skirt from TJ Maxx
H&M booties
Ring c/o Eclectic Eccentricity (buy it here!)
Bracelet from TopShop
Nailpolish: “First Timer” by Essie


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21 responses to “We Know That Our Hearts Are Just Made Out of Strings

  1. Love the nail polish.. essie has great colours!
    The boots are amazing too.

  2. Love your hair, nails, boots, style – everything!

  3. very nice! have a great day!

    If you have time stop also on my blog!

  4. you are so cool!
    love the hair and the style!

    New outfit post ; Spring look

  5. absolutely love the outfit and accessories! you look stunning!

  6. I love your polka dot shirt. You look great! 🙂 x


  7. You look stunning. Your hair…nails…fabulous. 🙂

  8. Great outfit! Pretty

    Visit me at http://spindizzyfall.blogspot.com.au/

  9. wow you look stunning! i’m totally in love with your awesome outfit and hair 🙂


  10. I’ve seen a lot of pointy nails….they are definitely going to be super in soon!

    Brunette Letters Blog

  11. Seriously the hair, and rihanna nails. I’m in love.


  12. lovin’ that ring! cute outfit!

  13. I love your hair! the nail polish is a lovely shade! that blouse is nice and the boots are pretty cool! would you like to follow one another on bloglovin? if yes follow me and let me know so i can follow right back! xxx

    PS: You are effortlessly cool!

  14. I love love love love your HAIR! SOooo cool xxxx


  15. That sequin skirt is gorgeous, and love those fabulous boots!

    The Other Side of Gray

  16. I love the polka dots and sequins combo! That nail polish is seriously the best.

  17. i love polka dots! that belt is so cute and would add some spice to any plain outfit! happy weekend friend!

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