We’ve Come Too Far To Give Up Who We Are

So let’s raise the bar and our cups to the stars
We’re up all night ’til the sun
We’re up all night to get some
We’re up all night for good fun
We’re up all night to get luckyIMG_9422I think I’ve found my summer jam; Daft Punk’s vibe to this song is SO FUN and Pharell’s voice is so smooth, and even though I’m no longer in my teenage years of frivolousness, I’m still up for staying out all night for sun and fun! Now, just add in these PERFECT tropical print jeans and the white oxfords and I’ve got quite a cozy and chic look for summer, dontcha think!? Also, why have I never had Joe’s Jeans before!? THEY ARE SO COMFY!IMG_9426IMG_9429IMG_9433IMG_9434IMG_9436

Joe’s Jeans c/o South Moon Under
Hyla Dewitt necklace
Aldo oxfords
Bag from Charming Charlie’s
Sunglasses c/o 80sPurpleIMG_9430

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22 responses to “We’ve Come Too Far To Give Up Who We Are

  1. That pants and necklace is sooo nice. Have a great day.


  2. vogueandheels

    Lovely outfit! I love your pants and your shades.


  3. Wow! Your jeans are amazing!

  4. I love those jeans…they totally remind me of a Balenciaga pair. You look lovely as always!

    Wardrobe on Wheels

  5. awesome outfit. i love the pants and the necklace! great combo!

  6. You look absolutely gorgeous! And I love the new Daft Punk song!
    New post on the blog: http://www.thedeepbluecory.com/2013/05/new-day.html

  7. wicked glasses!! 🙂

  8. Favorite song right now! Great look dope ass hair.

    Emily Jenny
    Stiletto Beats

  9. daft punk’s new material is definitely awesome.. love your look.. I used to have that same haircut for over a year..now I’m letting it grow back again but aghh.. it’s taking so long and my hair lenght is so stressing I’m thinking of chopping it off again.. we’ll see…
    awesome blog, just found it.. stay cool!

  10. Still love the shape of those sunglasses. Can’t get enough of Daft Punk right now.

  11. Daft Punk ft Pharrell, whaaaat? Love it.

    amen fashion †

  12. cool 😉
    would you like to follow each other? Please tell me if you first 🙂

  13. how cool is that!

    xoxo from rome

  14. The jeans are so cool! 😀




  15. those pants are so cool! love how you put together the outfit!

  16. I love the combination of colors and style … you look stunning !


  17. I love those frames!

  18. You have such cool hair!! Great look btw!

  19. Love the outfit! And you’re rockin’ that hairstyle like no other ❤

  20. I love your pants!

  21. Love this look, you necjlace is great! xx


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