Crystal, Maybach, Diamonds on Your Timepiece

Life in DC is ever-changing for me; I crave stability. I’m getting to that age of settling and nesting, yet don’t yet have the means or life stability to accomplish this. So I keep on trucking, faking it till I make it, or something like that. Just Keep Swimming, I tell myself, and feign everything I desire to be true. I apologize for the lack of updates; it’s hard meeting people in this judgemental and cliquey city as an outsider, whether that be quality photographers for my bloggy here, or friends to dine and drink with. It’s never been this hard; a social life is just another thing for me to fake till I have right now. At least I can look good while I do it.
SaraSLarge-1 SaraSLarge-2 SaraSLarge-4SaraSLarge-5

Blouse from TJ Maxx
Skirt, bag from H&M
sunnies c/o 80sPurple
heels from Saver’s
Michael Kors watch
rings from my grandmothers’, DIY, and TopShop

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4 responses to “Crystal, Maybach, Diamonds on Your Timepiece

  1. lovely watch! and i really like your skirt/shirt combo. I would have never thought to wear them together, but they look great. 🙂

  2. amazing blouse 🙂

  3. Love! It’s so true, always fake it till you make it! I have this same H&M skirt, but on my petite frame it comes down to almost past my knees! lol Love how you styled it though!
    xoxo-Kate Styled Pretty

  4. gorgeous outfit!! chic and practical!
    that is a great song by Lorde, thnks for sharing 🙂

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