Now My Life is Sweet Like Cinnamon

20130905-090108.jpgWith full midi skirts in fashion currently, I’m guilty of being a repeat offender. I’ve been wearing this skirt so much, with almost everything from blouses to tees, and crop tops! It’s a versatile piece and the length makes it work with plenty without showing too much skin.20130905-090205.jpg20130905-090251.jpg20130905-090320.jpgH&M skull crop top
Banana Republic skirt
Thrifted heels from Saver’s/Value Village20130905-090353.jpg

No one even knows how hard life was
I don’t even think about it now because
I’ve finally found you
Now my life is sweet like cinnamon
Like a fucking dream I’m living in

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6 responses to “Now My Life is Sweet Like Cinnamon

  1. you look adorable in the skirt 🙂

  2. such a cute skirt.. and i love love love that song! x

  3. awesome outfit, and i hope your life stays sweet. 😀 adorable. xox

  4. Awesome look 😉



  5. I definitely agree. Midi skirts are super versatile pieces. Love the print and silhouette of yours! x

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