Good Girls Do Bad Things

You’re the only one that I desire,
‘Cause I love to play with fire.

20130918-190936.jpg20130918-190954.jpg20130918-191017.jpg20130918-191036.jpgI heard jersey sporty style was in fashion so I had to jump on this cozy yet effortlessly cool trend! Borrowed my bf’s old-school jersey with my Forever 21 varsity style jacket, and last but not least, the amazing Jeremy Scott inspired kicks I scored at Buffalo Exchange. I wear them so often now; they’re comfortable and cool.20130918-191055.jpg

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7 responses to “Good Girls Do Bad Things

  1. Flippin’ love the sneaks!!!!

  2. awesome outfit! i would totally wear this outfit!

  3. I like this sporty look! The jacket look really nice to have! 😀

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    cassandra xx

  4. Love that bullets jersey. It was great meeting you at the Capfabb event this evening.

  5. I never got my varsity letter put on a jacket and now I wish I had. I have my grandfather’s letterman jacket but it’s huge!

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