Fall Wishlist 2013

This Fall I’m dreaming of more versatile and conservative pieces; I blame the most conservative city in the world, my new home of Washington DC. I think my style has been maturing, well, forever; it’s always maturing and evolving as I change as a person, yet this move has prompted a bigger change than usual. Then again, maybe it’s just my comparison and perspective. I’ve taken out a number of my piercings, starting shrinking my stretched ears, letting my hair grow and flipping it, as well as hiding my nose ring more often than not!

combats img

Finders Keepers dress, $225 / Burberry Heart Print / Dr Marten Boots  / Jeffrey Campbell  bootie / La Mer watch / Vogue Beanie / Tom Ford CatEye sunglasses

This fall, I’m craving prints and accessories. The 3.1 Philip Lim for Target collection hits the nail on the head with the growing in popularity envelope end bags and leopard prints (because you can never have enough leopard!). I’ve been eyeing cat eye sunnies for awhile, and the Tom Ford ones are perfect; every time I’m in a department store I just have to try them on again! Ever since February I’ve been lusting after the Burberry Heart Print tops, for guys and girls, and have even found a couple close knock-offs! Other accesories I’m craving include a graphic beanie, a layered statement necklace, and anew watch, because I’ve found that my diamond and white watch doesn’t quite go with everything, and these La Mer wrap watches are understated and fun!

Lastly, I’ve been having a love affair, for about 6 months…with a new Aussie…Brand that is! Finders Keepers Label gets me awestruck every time I see something new from their collection. Their mirror prints and body hugging silhouettes are sexy, edgy, and oh so feminine. This long sleeve dress is a perfect fall staple for a Date Night!

As for shoes, I’m in desperate need of some new combat-style boots, and I’m partial to the stigma of Dr Martens. I’ve also been aching for some ankle booties, similar to a chelsea boot for MONTHS now. Sadly, I’m picky and attempting to be budget savvy so these JC’s are just for oggling, for me at least!

What are you coveting this fall?

13 responses to “Fall Wishlist 2013

  1. I must buy this beanie 🙂

  2. loving your wishlist! the JC beige booties are awesome ❤

    Letters To Juliet

  3. I saw a great pair of Doc’s today on a fashionable girl at the place I was having brunch! They had a slightly higher heel than the pair you picked but I gotta have ’em!

  4. So I pretty much want ALLL of this!

  5. Cute picks! Loving the heart shirt!


  6. I so badly need that heart print blouse. You don’t even know. Also, fisherman sweaters. Lots of them.

  7. Oh DC fashion… it’s such a bane, really… but slowly getting better. I definitely think you will inject some sartorial edge to the DC streets. Love all your choices above. Especially the beanie. Love love love!

  8. love the dress! and the print top and skirt are adorable!!
    perfect pieces for a very chic fall 🙂
    xx Vera & Rony

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