September in An Instant

Another month, come and gone. Fall is officially here, and I couldn’t be happier that the first week of October has temperatures in the 80s…. Hashtag #SummerForever ! This past month I worked hard, planned plenty and am really excited for my future in every aspect, from this blog, to my job, to my relationships…it’s all going so well for once! These images are just an “insta-peak” into my month of September! I read thousands of pages of September Issues, explored more of DC, ventured out of my comfort zones, ate my way through many a macaron, made a few friends, tried my first CRONUT, fell in love with the decals of UrbanWalls, and fell more in love with the city of DC and my man.

Even though I’ve already been utilizing fall elements in my cooking (pumpkin and butternut squash!) I’m ecstatic for more quintessential fall eats this October, and ofcourse, endless viewings of Hocus Pocus! I think it will be a great month, even though it’s already planned out with trips to Fright Fest, Upstate NY, exploring DC, and my first ever trip to Philadelphia!

How was your September!? What are you looking forward to most in October!?


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