Still Not Too Old To Die Young

20131012-181412.jpgCasual rainy Saturday look mixing elements of glittering glam with grunge (oh, how I love a good alliteration). I’ve been so busy with work lately and I needed a chill look. Pics of my event from last night will be up soon featuring some amazing people!
Also, how’s everyone digging the new look name and everything of my site!? You can now follow me on Facebook too, here! 20131012-181540.jpg20131012-181702.jpg20131012-181818.jpg
20131012-191331.jpg20131012-191403.jpgVelvet Leggings from TJ Maxx
Boyfriend’s Obey plaid shirt
Sequin tank from Old Navy
H&M booties, jacket, and hat
Michael Kors watch

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One response to “Still Not Too Old To Die Young

  1. sweet tartan shirt you got going on, and that hat is wicked cool!

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