Photo diary: #QueSeraSahraToga



Just got back from a long weekend with the beau. We ventured up to his old college stomping grounds in Saratoga Springs, staying at a lovely AirBnB and soaking up all the autumnal mountain sensations. We ate at some amazing restaurants, my favorite of which was called Ravenous where we indulged in breakfast crepes and mimosas. The restaurants of DZ Restaurants Saratoga were also exceptional, with knowledgeable and friendly staff and expert cuisine (even ol’ picky me could eat!)
Apple picking was Ofcourse a must, as was a hike and walk around Z’s old Skidmore campus.









20131026-112014.jpgDowtown is where we spent most of our time, taking in a stroll through Congress Park, checking out a local farmer’s market, and just enjoying the crisp air and local shopping. I really loved checking out the acclaimed Saratoga Olive Oil Company; Z and I made the mistake of popping in before dinner. We tried probably 30 types of olive oil and infused balsamics before making our choices to bring home for ourselves and friends.



20131026-112511.jpgAll in all, an amazing trip on new turf spent with my better half.
What do you think of my trip!? How have you celebrated the sensations of fall this seasons!?


5 responses to “Photo diary: #QueSeraSahraToga

  1. Wow, great post indeed! I always love reading your blog 😉


  2. Lovely post. I have never celebrated the fall sensation. Would try celebrating a season one of these days.

  3. It looks like it was a fun trip!!! It was great to meet you at the Macy’s event. I had such a wonderful time..hope to see you soon 🙂
    Beijos, Ana

  4. Oh, this looks like such a fun trip! The box of pumpkins marked “watermelons” made me laugh, ha! But I love all of your shots of the day! And those purple painted pumpkins at the beginning look so cool.

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