I Learned Everything I Know From Watching Movies

Why can’t my life have a Hollywood ending?
Young and foolish I was technicolor dreaming…SaraSsmall2-55SaraSsmall2-38 SaraSsmall2-48 SaraSsmall2-51
Boyfriend’s shirt from GAP
Sequin skirt from T Maxx
Clutch from TopShop
Necklace from Forever21
Thrifted heels from Saver’s

A fun fall-ish look that I’ve worn a version of a couple of times so far since the leaves have started changing! I love being in the mid-Atlantic and how it’s late October and, save for a week of chills, the weather is still temperate enough for me to tolerate sans multiple layers. Unfortunately, these photos were taken WEEKS ago, but the photographer has gone MIA with the final edits, so excuse the watermarks. Anyone know any photographers in the DC area that are consistent with a quick turnaround!? send them my way!

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7 responses to “I Learned Everything I Know From Watching Movies

  1. I really love that skirt. What an amazing look!

  2. Great pairing of the denim with sequins and how you used the grey toned accessories in the outfit.

    Have a great day. Thank you for driopping by my blog.

  3. sparkle sparkle skirt! it’s really nice and i love the muted colors you’ve paired it with: looks great.

  4. amazing skirt!! you look so fabulous!
    xx Vera & Rony

  5. I love your sequin skirt!! It’s such a cute ensemble~~mixing denim with sequins!

  6. you look unusual, i like this style so much and i love your exclusive ideas

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