Don’t Be Scared That it’s a Harder Kind of Feel

Hold on tight, You must hold on unless you’re in it
Ease your mind, And when you think, you’re thinking clear _MG_6966_MG_7005_MG_7016_post_MG_7009 _MG_7017_MG_6961So when I first found this Burberry dupe shirt on PersunMall, I knew it was love. I mean, it’s no basking heaven of the real deal, but it was close enough for my budget strapped wallet! Since it arrived on fateful Saturday I’ve worn it with a number of wardrobe combinations, many of which are black and leather-like. Today’s pairing was of the more “flirty” variety, mixing the iconic print with a BCBG skirt and the perfect thrifted bag from TARI. Classic look, would be perfect for a date, no? And can you believe the shirt is only $17.99!? Get it here! _MG_6963

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6 responses to “Don’t Be Scared That it’s a Harder Kind of Feel

  1. love the heart print with leather, such a fab outfit!!
    xx Vera & Rony

  2. Wow!!! You look gorgeous!!!!

  3. Gorgeous look! I love the leather skirt and bag

    The Koalafornian x

  4. This is just another example of how amazing PersunMall is. This looks is so freaking adorable without being overly cutesy–you’ve styled the shirt perfectly!



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