Iconemesis and a GIVEAWAY!

My iPhone is spoiled. It has more clothes [cases] than my cat, rides in a warm safe place everywhere, travels alongside me, even has it’s own sleeping spot on my bed; spoiled, yes. My inanimate iPhone is SPOiLED. I recently received this fun Fififawn case from Iconemesis and was immediately smitten. It’s neutral colored, so it goes with many outfits. It showcases a fashionable animal with oversize sunglasses and a cute outfit, just as I am apt to wear. I immediately knew that when I shot the phone case I needed to wear something cute to coincide with it!
This jacket, which I’ve had for years and unfortunately doesn’t get much wear, was perfect. Gold brocade on pink? Feminine and flirty glam.
The case itself is wonderful; a hard shell plastic which protects the phone but keeps it sleek for easy pocketing. Iconemesis offers many many designs, and offers great customer service and quick deliveries.

Now, in the spirit of it being my Birthday Month and the month of gifts and giving I’m keeping the weekly giveaways going! Iconemesis and I are teaming up to offer ONE lucky reader a free iPhone case of their choosing, just like my fifififawn case! There’s even some BRAND NEW designs which are oh so festive and adorable!

And for those who are too impatient or Just have to have a case now, you can score 20% off with code DEC202 !

Here’s How to Enter:

Step 1: “like” both Que Sera Sahra and Iconemesis on Facebook

Step 2: Follow Que Sera Sahra and Iconemesis on InstaGram

Step 3: Leave a comment on this blog post with your username for each, as well as which Iconemesis case you’d pick and what type of phone you have!

That’s it!

Now, for bonus entries: (leave a separate comment for each!)

Bonus 1: Follow Que Sera Sahra and Iconemesis on Twitter

Bonus 2: Follow Que Sera Sahra and Iconemesis on Pinterest

Good luck! Giveaway ends NEXT WEEK on December 19th, and the winner will be contacted the 20th!

10 responses to “Iconemesis and a GIVEAWAY!

  1. OMG I have the same vintage jacket! Can you believe it? And I have a case from Iconemesis too, but I dropped my phone and the case cracked :/ Sad day! But this is so cool that we have matching jackets! I can’t believe it!
    ~ Zhenya

  2. I only have three iphone cases and my husband says it’s too much. 😛 yours is cute!

  3. we are loving your outfit here, such a pretty coat!!
    love the case too!
    xx Vera & Rony

  4. awesome outfit ❤

  5. That case is the CUTEST, and I lovelovelove your beautiful jacket! What a pair! 🙂
    xx, Emily
    shell chic’d

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