The Blogger’s Checklist

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There’s been an idea in my mind for awhile, to create a template to keep me in line with all of my postings and sharings AFTER I hit the “publish” button on a post. In a bit of free time recently I created this fun sheet to help me, and figured I’d share it with you all!
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As you must know, being a blogger these days is more than just your own blog; it’s the full online and media presence. You need to have a Facebook page to follow, a Twitter for interacting, an InstaGram to follow and interact on….Pinterest, Vine, LookBook, Chictopia, ifB, etc….there’s SO MUCH. I know I constantly get overwhelmed and having this list has surely helped.

While sharing to your media and tagging brands is a given, why not go a step further? If the brand has sponsored you with merchandise of course link back to their website, but even if it wasn’t a sponsored post, it’s always nice to send a little email to the brand with a link to your blog post stating how much you loved wearing them and supporting them! This shows the brand that you’re there, your professional, and interested.
Another thing I LOVE to do to increase my blog/posts reach is to invest some time into comment love; this means commenting on other blogs, making sure its genuine and nice, and always signing with a hyper-link to my page. When I get bored, some days I’ll even just go to a “famous” blog and click on all the hyper-links to peruse new blogs I may have never seen before!

What do you think of this list? What do you do to increase the reach of your blog posts?

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2 responses to “The Blogger’s Checklist

  1. Love that you covered this topic, yet it really makes you step back and think about the never ending to-do list 🙂 good thing we love what we do!!


  2. I’m totally saving this!! I always forget something until the next day like a dummy.

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