Hump Day Dupes

Back in October (has it really been that long!?) I introduced you all to a fun little side project of mine, UnderEmployed Fashionistas. I also shared with you one of my favorite weekly features, the Hump Day Dupes! Today, I’m sharing more of these as a cross post. I’d also like to say that if you’re interested in budget living, and/or music, we’re looking for more writers and contributors to help push the website into grander success! Shoot me an email at if you’re interested in joining!

On to the dupes…

lvWho doesn’t remember the iconic oversized checks of the Louis Vuitton runway, the coveted final collection of Marc Jacobs!? With gargantuan prints still being in style you can’t go wrong with this style steal. Romwe’s version is $24.99; compare that to the bank-breaking $2,500 price tag of the real deal.
fish bone backWith Fashion Weeks around the corner, our sartorial wheels are spinning as fashionistas everywhere look for the coolest, most unique inspirations. This jacket is a cult favorite; Christine Centenera of Harpers Bazaar Australia in a $1,995 Dion Lee jacket. What a pretty price, eh? For us budget inclined divas, Get The Look offers up this admitted dupe for $99. Still out of your price range? TARI DC (a local upscale thrift store, that SHIPS) has a version for $88!
mini mac vsThe Rebecca Minkoff Mini-Mac is one of the most covetable handbags of our generation. It’s been seen on bloggers, celebrities, and friends alike. But with a $200 price tag, even the occasional luck of finding one at TJ Maxx still puts it at $100 or more. Charlotte Russe is to the rescue though, with their very clear dupe at, wait for it….only $15! The leather, or lack there of, won’t be as buttery, but the aesthetic is there without breaking that new 2014 savings bank!
givenchy vsWhile us here on the Eastern Coast can’t even FATHOM the thought of sandals right now, these dupes are too good to wait until spring for. Compared to the Givenchy price tag of nearly $700, these Alloy pumps are higher and cheaper, by a long shot. At just under $30, these pumps are fabulous and fierce, and financially reasonable!
hermes beltThe Hermes monogram belt has been an iconic clean piece of the wealthy wardrobe for years. The real deal costs up to $600, even in the $300 range on Ebay. Why not take the thrifty approach and add a perfect dupe of an initial to an old (or new) belt for only $28? C. Wonder will supply the buckle, you do the rest!
burb sweatshirt
Starting off with another piece from one of the most coveted Fall/Winter 2013 collections. Burberry’s now iconic heart print is also available in sweatshirt form, with a price tag of…$1,295. For us thrifty fashionistas, Choies has a dupe for only $28.99! It may not be the silk blended v-neck, but it will surely still be warm and chic!

valentino ceramicThis may be a stretch of a dupe, but the aesthetic and theme is there. The Valentino designed ceramic brocade collection ranges in price from $1,900 all the way to $6,900, but Persun Mall’s similar style is $97, and a more youthful trending sheer.
stud earringsKate Spade, the coveted label of cool girl with edge, has these beauties for nearly $58. For gorgeous stud earrings, sure. But us ladies who can’t fiscally fathom that much? Forever 21 has their version for…. $2.80! Now that’s what we call affordable!
bambiIf you haven’t seen this Bambi Givenchy print before, well, you’ve been missing out. It’s been rocked by style stars Anna Della Russo and Lilly Collins, and bloggers and rappers as well. Starting at $675 though, it’s no wonder only the best of the best get to wear our favorite doe eyed fawn. The dupe, however, costs $31 on budget style site Oasap. Score an even greater deal by using cupon code “new-year” for an extra 20% off! While it’s clearly not the best dupe, it does it’s job!
peep toesWhile we all in the northern/eastern half of the states aren’t ready to fathom bearing skin just yet, that doesn’t mean we can’t plan ahead! These peep toe ankle booties are a perfect style and shade for the eventual spring. The Steve Madden versions are about $100…Mossimo for Target? $34.99!
chanelAlright ladies, who here adores vintage? Chanel? The queen of tweed? ME ME ME! When I saw this dress on the cheap chic site of Oasap I knew it was a Chanel knock-off. The tweed, the white, the gold buttons…while it’s no clear dupe of a specific style, it’s style Chanel style if that makes sense. This beauty of a dress will cost you $40, less if you use coupon code “New-Year” for 20% off! Whereas the vintage designer threads? THOUSANDS.
bow pumpsAnother Kate Spade dupe! This time it’s been done by LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s! The leather bow pump, which KS has priced at $320 is a must for a kitschy-cute fashionista. LC does you one better by offering it in a fun patent leather for only $45!
dior bagPersun Mall has quite obviously been killing it with the dupes lately! This pick is a very clear knock off of a classic Lady Dior quilted bag, which retails for over $2,500. The Persun Mall version? $36. That’s THIRTY-SIX. Sign me up and hand over the goodies!
lanvinLanvin stunned this past winter with gorgeous oversize statement necklaces on the runway. No, these weren’t your normal blinged out statement necklaces, but bold lettered gold, almost, not quite, gaudy. The necklaces, ranging from “Cool” to “Love” and “Happy” were an instant hit with bloggers and magazine editors. Now, they’re going mainstream! Contrasting the designer price tag of $945, Amazon has a near perfect dupe for $29! All for some oversize lettering, but we dig it!
herveHerve Leger dresses have always been reproduced by everyone from Bebe to it’s own sister company, BCBG, and even Forever21. Some are cheaply done, but Minusey’s $50 version is a lovely dupe of the $880 original. Minusey also has other colors and styles available!

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6 responses to “Hump Day Dupes

  1. Great bargain finds. Some of the designs for less look almost as the originals. Great post and thanks for sharing!

  2. great post, showing us that cheap can be chic!!
    these are all amazing finds!
    xoxo Vera & Rony

  3. Loving this post!!! So interesting …thanks for sharing! Thank you for stopping by!

    Come back soon to visit me on The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

    Evi xoxo

  4. Hi, we are GET THE LOOKS. Thank you for posting our product. The fist bone cut-out jacket you mentioned, like Dion Lee, is now only $79!

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