I’m So Fancy, You Already Know

First thing first I’m the realest
Drop this and let the whole world feel it
So many new things in these photos; the beau and I got a new bar for the home, needless to say our friends love coming over even more now. This tank, which I’m having a GIVEAWAY for, is from ByLucianaM, who has amazing cheeky tees and tanks like this one! I love that, on such a beautiful day of enjoying quality time with friends I was able to rock  a statement of “get off the internet”. Also new, this CheapMonday skirt from ShopCalico! I bought it for my upcoming trip to Mexico, but with the temperate weather this past weekend I needed to break it out early. While these sunglasses are older, as the weather picks up I’ve been on the hunt for new sunglasses and one of the greatest resources I’ve found is this face shape resource from BonLook. It’s a great way to figure out which styles will look best on my rounded face shape! With all these fancy new things and the weather, the man and I opened the windows, made some cocktails, and sat outside to drink and soak up some much needed vitamin D!

Tank c/o ByLuciana (enter the GIVEAWAY on InstaGram or here !)
CheapMonday skirt via ShopCalico
H&M Fishbone necklace
H&M Jacket
Sunglasses c/o 80sPurple

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6 responses to “I’m So Fancy, You Already Know

  1. Definitely used the Face-Shape-Glasses tool on Warby Parker to figure out what is right for my veryyy round face haha!

  2. Cute! Loving your tee and jacket!


  3. You look great girl! The bar is awesome!! love the painting in the back ❤


  4. You look so wonderful! I really like your outfit 🙂 Love your bar as well! 😉


  5. love that skirt!

  6. Cute outfit! I love the tatts! Do you go to anyone in the DMV for them?


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