Hump Day Dupes

Do any of y’all remember my side-blog, UnderEmployed Fashionistas? While posting is still going on there, I still want to cross post every once in a while and share all the wonderful cheap and chic finds I manage to scour the internet before! Here’s the list of recent knock-offs and look alikes and where to score the deals:

lipsMarie Claire named this Monki blouse (only ~$50USD) a pick of the day, and we don’t blame them! Reminiscent of the Saint Laurent Spring 2014 collection (and their vintage duds) who can resist a little cheeky style? While Monki may be semi-affordable, it’s no Persun Mall, who’s dupe I prefer with it’s more spaced out print. This blouse’s cost? $13.99. We can do that.

lipssThe LuLu Guiness lip clutches are a chic iconic staple of kitschy lovers, having been photographed at many-a fashion week and blogger. But at $400+ that’s not in our budget. What is? This $10 dupe, with the same dimensions, available via BangGood!

kissyKeeping with the kissy lips trend, time for some sunnies! These are perfect for daily fun wear! The Kate Spade glittery specks are $158, but these UO dupes are pocket change at $15! Not glittery, but still kitschy and cute.


Prada wowed on the Runway last fall with the preview of their spring collection, boasting artistic prints (and funky boudoir layering). To be honest, I didn’t think this collection would be easy to dupe, but alas PersunMall (one of my favorite’s for cheap and chic dupes) proved me wrong. This long sleeved, slightly more abstract version is perfect for the edgy stylista to transition from this brutal winter into milder spring. The best part? This knock off is $26.99, almost 10% of the original designer duds.

leopardNothing says casual spring quite like some slip-on kicks. High end fashion house Saint Laurent created some Vans inspired shoes, but Vans no longer has them in leopard without laces (something tells me someone may have paid someone else to have rights). But hey, that doesn’t stop THIS budget fashionista, oh no! Instead, I’ve managed to find these very similar shoes by Report, for $49.99, that’s nearly 10% the price of the $495 Saint Laurent’s!

7 responses to “Hump Day Dupes

  1. These are amazing dupes girl! I’m amazed about this Prada dress, folks waste no time.

  2. Wow these are ridiculously amazing! Loving the dress and the leopard sneaks. Thanks for stopping by Trendy Cheapo 🙂

  3. Wow these are really good dupes! Love the shirt in particular!
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    The perks of being a hipster

  4. Love the Monki blouse. Might have to bug my mom to pick this up for me from Sweden. xx

  5. Ok spending my lunch break browsing PersunMall HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS?!

  6. I’ve been eyeing that Lulu Guiness lip clutch for awhile, but I just don’t want to shell out the money since I don’t think I’m going to wear it very often. But a $10 buy I can get behind, even if I only wear it once lol

    – Gita
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  7. “The Kate Spade glittery specks are $158, but these UO dupes are pocket change at $15! Not glittery, but still kitschy and cute.”

    For that price, I can make them glittery myself!

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