Decor Inspo: Dining Room

As stated previously, this blog will be expanding to include more home decor posts and I wasn’t lying. With all this house talk, my inner decorista is ready to come out loud and proud! Thanks to RoomSketcher for supplying me with a VIP membership, I’ve started playing around with 2D and 3D sketches of how to decorate our home. RoomSketcher is a free home design application that anyone can use to design their home interiors. I used the RoomSketcher VIP subscription ($49) to create my design for this blog. There is also a RoomSketcher Pro subscription ($99) that is used by interior design professionals. It’s such a fun and easy to use platform, and great for designing! I love feeling like a distant cousin of an HGTV God using it! I’ll definitely do a full post on that later, but first up I want to discuss the ideas for my dining room. Navy and White Dining Room A room for food, fun, and entertaining. One room that Z and I happen to be on the same page of. We’re thinking a farmhouse table, white booth seating along one wall with tall cushioned chairs along the sides. Z inherited a vintage Italian chandelier that we’ll be using as well. We’re hoping to have enough fund$ to open up the wall to the kitchen and add a breakfast bar, with granite counters and backless stools for extra seating. For paint colors, we’ve concluded stark white with a navy “chair rail” strip will be elegant and fun. I would ideally love some floor to ceiling curtains kept open, but someone needs to convince Z that curtains are a good thing (seriously, comment on this and sway him).

My 3D first draft view: I love the detailing of the High Quality photos the RoomSketcher app has!Image and video hosting by TinyPic We have so many items to get for this new house, and a dining area is something neither of us have ever had. That being said, we’re looking for suggestions! Where do you shop for furniture and furnishings for your home? What does your [current or dream] dining room look like?

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5 responses to “Decor Inspo: Dining Room

  1. Curtains are a must! Not even a discussion lol

  2. If you haven’t seen any of the show Rehab Addict you should !! She’s all about finding and restoring ! Complete DIY and she walks you through a lot of how to get stuff done ! She’s always finding good quality stuff at consignment shops, good will, and on street corners that just need a good sanding and stain / paint I love her style ! True to the original but with modern amenities !

  3. We gotta get you over to Miss Pixie’s and GoodWood. I got my farm table at a discount from Miss Pixie’s during the annual MidCity Dog Days sale (generally sometime in August). I also suggest you two lovebirds take a day trip up to Baltimore to do some antiquing in Hampden – the stores there have a huge selection and are infinitely cheaper than the stores here in DC.

  4. EEEEE looove love love it!! OH for the move definitely check out Community Forklift- it’s basically a thrift store for all things house!

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