Decor Inspo: The Office

A home office-slash-closet has been something I’ve dreamed about for years. As a fashionista who’s always required more space than I have for my ever growing wardrobe and my blogging work having me craving a secluded room of my own, it was natural to have the desire. When we started looking for houses our requirement was 2+ bedrooms specifically for an office; I was a total diva about it. I had drawings of rooms I’d dreamt of, with garment racks color coded along 3 walls, a desk in the middle, and a couch with coffee table to anchor it all. Clearly, I dreamt of a studio apartment as an office, but reality claimed it’s stake.  Now that we bought a home with 3 official bedrooms (and a basement bedroom with a walk-in cedar closet) my closet/office dreams are about to become a reality, though not on the grande scale I may have imagined. The room to be is a mere 7’x9′, but it’ll work, and beggars can’t be choosers. My Pinterest home board has always been littered with images of stark white offices boasting flecks of pink and gold; the classic blogger/girly office. Now, as you know I’m not that girly and Z is requesting there’s enough comfort in there so he can work from home on occasion as well. So, I’ve compiled a finalized mood board of inspirations. Still plenty of white, but also some moody blue/violets and my favored teal.
A Blogger's Lair Office Inspiration

I’m really drawn to a narrow but wide desk, similar to this from Ikea, so as to put against the wall/window but also not be so wide that it encrouches on the rest of the room. I almost coveting an iconic Expedit, for shoes, bags, and magazine storage. I want high backed chairS, armless but comfy. All White Err’thang, know what I mean? Well, except my rug. I have the quintessential gray and white Gislev Ikea rug. Another thing that’s always been in my dream vision for my office? A dress form. Additionally, I’ll have my garment rack in there with the “current” favorites that are being cycled and new apparel to be worn. I’ve always used garment racks instead of closets because I like being able to see my wardrobe and piece it together in my mind.

As for decor, I already have a ton of jewelry storage, and will space it out so the area does not look cluttered. I’ll hang some fashion-y art work around the room as well, from my Bob Mackie print to a Breakfast at Tiffany’s poster, as well as shadow box-ing my vintage magazines. I’m even thinking of hanging a cute “Que Sera Sera” print in there to remind me of what my blog is all about! Let’s not forget about desk essentials; I LOVE this mug as it’s what my life is all about. And ofcourse, it’s me, so let’s add a skull and see if I can’t revive the blue orchid Z got me for Valentine’s Day.Blogger Office Lair
While so much of this room is set in stone, I feel like the decor will be a constant work in progress.

Do you have an office space? What are your office essentials that you think I should add to my wishlist!?

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3 responses to “Decor Inspo: The Office

  1. I don’t have an office space, sadly. Or rather, a very completed, organized one. 😛 My desk still hasn’t been delivered – my cousin ran over it with a boat. But I love the idea of all white furniture, a ghost chair, and pops of color – navy blue, turquoise, pink, black are my faves. I cannot wait to see the finished space.

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