The Politics of Fashion

The Politics of Fashion DC Unboxed
The Politics of Fashion DC Unboxed
The Politics of Fashion DC Unboxed Premiere Styled True and Que Sera SahraWhen I first moved to DC one of the things that scared me the most was it’s sartorial state. I was warned it was the land of box suits and sweater combos, and of course, conservative dress. Upon arrival I joined blogger networks and went to events alone, eager to make friends. Amidst the J.Crew and Ann Taylor clad ladies I was able to find some unique treasures of stylish women. What I learned from my immersion in the DC Fashion scene was shocking, intriguing, and confusing.
Recent documentary The Politics of Fashion has recently addressed all of my concerns, and I was lucky enough to attend its premiere.
The Politics of Fashion DC Unboxed
Producer Elaine Mensah asked all the burning questions about DC fashion, and the answers from the city’s top influencer’s were agreeable to my own thoughts. DC is capitalizing on the blog trend and style setters, with it’s residents becoming more aware and cognisant of fashion and style. However, DC will never be a fashion capitol, whether US or internationally. There’s New York, London, Paris, not New York, DC, Paris, Marseille. Will it ever become a manufacturing or design center? It’s on it’s way, with small businesses and entrepreneurs taking it into their own hands to create their craft where they live and work, but many experts believe that full scale production isn’t in the future of DC. I love the small business aspect that this city and country are taking on and how good it is for the economy on the grand scheme of things. Through my Politics of Fashion Experience I was exposed to seeing that, besides shop owners, there are small design houses, creative designers, and even textile designers within the District. Living in a city that is busting with creative minds is amazing, and I’m happy to be a part of the growing community.

Interested in hearing/seeing more about this informative documetary? Watch the trailer by clicking here, scope the website out here, or check for upcoming viewings here!

What I wore to the premiere:

The Politics of Fashion DC Unboxed Sahra of Que Sera Sahra

Dress via Current Boutique DC
Baker’s Heels
Fall River Leather’s fringed bag
Earrings via Francesca’s Collection

The Politics of Fashion DC Unboxed blogger Sahra and model Kana

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  1. Wow! Fantastic photos <3333

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