June in an Instant

June in an Instant
June feels like 3 months rolled into one, at least for me. Zander and I started the month ready to finalize a location to buy (we did, we sign tomorrow!!!). I spent time in NYC, a full 7 hours that felt like 3 days. It housed as many appointments as should have been for days, but ya know, I rushed myself and packed my schedule, all to bring you all multiple amazing posts without having to miss a night in my own bed.
June held the normal brunches, days of styling, blogging, and merchandising. Meetings galore (so many fun things in the works!), as well as the addition of SO MANY HOME DECOR, from new posts on the blog to magazines and catalogs cluttering my pre-existing glossy hoarding problem.
June….it was a good month for me. How was your june!?
June in an Instant
June in an Instant
June in an Instant

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