July in an Instant

Woah My, Oh My! What a month! July began with Z and I signing on our house, just days before celebrating the Nation’s Independence Day, which I love more and more every year I get to spend it in this great city that is the Capitol! After celebrations died down came the daunting and [seemingly] neverending renovations, packing, and moving that filled our month to brim and left both of us (mostly me) in tears more than once, all while managing our work schedules and house drama. Thankfully, July has ended on such a great note. I’m currently wrapping up a weeklong vacation with Z and his extended family, boasting a tan (at last), and couldn’t be happier. Other memorable moments: flying to Boston one day, then driving a truck 11 hours to DC in flash floods the next day, taking my first Segway tour of DC, spending tons on outlet shopping and thrifting alike, trying new foods (as per usual) and spending quality time with the two men in my life, Z and Maven.
In case you missed the ‘grams, here’s a few highlights from July. To keep up with August and the rest of my fun, make sure you’re following me on InstaGram @QueSeraSahra !
July ReCap on Que Sera Sahra
July ReCap on Que Sera Sahra
July ReCap on Que Sera Sahra
July ReCap on Que Sera Sahra
July ReCap on Que Sera Sahra
While August will bring me back to the tasks of unpacking and minor house fixes, I have three weeks of the real world then it’s back to the sandy coast I go. CAN’T WAIT. How was your July? Do you dears have anything exciting planned to round out the end of your season?

XO Sahra


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