Time’s Been Ticking, Hearts are Running

lately color seems so bright
and the stars light up the night
my feet they feel so light

This summer has been much like last, as I fall into a routine of life. While this summer has been free of the stress of buying, renovating, and moving into a house, it has been full of vacations, sunny beach days, and beautiful brunches. Another tradition I’m growing fond of is visiting the Fashion Camp at Capitol Hill Arts Workshop . Similar to last year, I chatted about the fashion industry and blogosphere to impressionable young budding bloggers. This year’s group have their own blog, Lucy The Mannequin, where they are chronicling the curation and design of their own 6 piece collections, daily field trips, and daily outfit musings. After discussing my personal history with fashion and my blog we “market meandered” to Capitol Hill’s famed Eastern Market for lemonade and a lesson in posing.

 The girls coincidentally wore pink florals to the tastes of their own style and adhering to current trends. I loved J’s high-waisted applique shorts and E’s printed kimono top. They amped up the looks with the details; J playing in to her hipster gypsy with layered rings and bracelets and E going a little southern with cropped cowboy boots.

As for me I embraced a “glam professional” persona; silky lightweight culottes with a crisp button down and costumed pearls.

I was so inspired by these girls and so honored to be able to chat with them about my experiences! To see more of E and J’s looks, be sure to check out their blog Lucy the Mannequin.

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22 responses to “Time’s Been Ticking, Hearts are Running

  1. Love your glam professional. I bought a pair of black culottes earlier in the season and have gotten a lot of wear out of them.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  2. Love this outfit and that necklace is amazing, you look really chic!

  3. Love your bottoms!! Thanks for the blog visit! Lets stay in touch through Instagram and Bloglovin’ 🙂



  4. These culottes look amazing on you!! wow and the shoes are perfect!! totally fell in love 🙂 xo Carina


  5. love this head to toe! gorgeous!
    would you like to follow each other? let me know<3

  6. I love your culottes! It is such a great combo of classy and fashion forward!


  7. Love this photos 🙂
    Amazing looks. I invite you to visit my blog ♥

  8. Looks so cool
    Love the photos.

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin | Snapchat: bandwagonchic

  9. so many fun looks! I love those culottes!

  10. I love your look! So polished but very trendy and stylish!


  11. Wow, I love your blog! Great outfit!
    Would love it if you checked out my blog + follow back?

  12. very chic look + nice song choice 🙂


  13. Precioso look, los detalles y las imágenes geniales!! Kisses my dea!!!

  14. Ok your outfit is everything here. You’ve convinced me I need coulottes and those sandals are soooo flattering! Obsessed. Xo! Julien http://www.itsjulien.com

  15. You look very professional and stylish!! Love this outfit!!


    Seize your Style

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