DIY: Lettered Beanie


After seeing lettered beanies everywhere from the punk tween bloggers to the edgier sides of fashion week, I knew they were a cold-weather style hit. Perusing online led to finding that these beanies, with any given saying from “vogue” to “boss”, even the kitschy “meow”, ranged in price from $24 all the way up to $50. I thought to myself, “for a beanie!?” Then I thought I could make that, for cheaper. Yea, it’s not breaking the bank, but I can’t resist getting a tad hands on with a DIY!

I bought a beanie and iron-on letters off of Amazon for less than $5. I don’t have an iron, but found I could use a hair straightener in the same way (ghetto-fab-rigged). You will also need a basic cotton tee shirt, even if using a real iron. hair beanie 120131129-185856.jpg


Cut your letters out and arrange them on your beanie as you’d like them to look. Be sure not to cut your cat’s tale no matter how in the way he puts it. Put your tee shirt around the inside and top of the beanie and iron each letter about 1 minute, let cool and peel off. Do this for each letter, then let cool before wearing.

Could this BE any easier!? It’s chic, quick, and budget saving. _MG_6866_post _MG_6870_post _MG_6885_postWhat do you think of this DIY? Would you make your own lettered beanie!? What would yours say!?

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25 responses to “DIY: Lettered Beanie

  1. YES! You are a genious!!!!!!!
    Thanks for the tip!

  2. Well done Sahra. I think it a fab idea, I just bad at any DIY 🙂

  3. great idea! thanks for sharing this ❤

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  5. this is soooo cool! Love the idea, so simple and easy 🙂
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  6. I can’t believe you made that! You are so talented!

  7. This is so nice! You look really good in this beanie ❤ I don't think I would make my own (I am more of a beret girl), but I am so into making things right now! I really want to start to make my own clothes more often, I even have a closet full of fabrics and stuff, I wish I wasn't such a lazy ass!

    xo Sabrina

  8. your beanie turned out awesome! super cool post!

  9. DIY is soo much fun, I Love your Beanie and how you did it yourself.

    xoxo – Style.. A Pastiche

  10. Wonderful post and look dear! You rocked this beanie and your look with your great idea! You are so beautiful and gorgeous 🙂

  11. This is adorable and I love your hair!

    Wishes & Reality

  12. So cute! This turned out so well.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  13. Came out amazing! I love a good DIY clothing item. There’s a ton of possibility in the custom process. 🙂
    Style Tomes
    Style Tomes on Instagram

  14. I love to see DIY post, but I seldom do them! I love yours and how you got away with it sans iron! Clever. I am not sure what I would say on my beanie, Peace, maybe,,,
    xx, Elle

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