Experience: Richmond’s Acacia MidTown

As foodies our first order of business when traveling is always to figure out where to eat. With Richmond everyone suggested Acacia Mid Town and boy was that a step in the right direction!

Upon arrival we were whisked into the alluring atmosphere of soft lights and organic inspired elements. With recommendations off the cocktail list we sat back to enjoy the ambiance while pondering our food choices. We started with a ricotta ball in a watermelon gazpacho. Z chose an entree of sauteed scallops and gnocchi, which he could not stop raving about. When looking for an entree I didn’t find much for my vegetarian preferences. Lucky for me, Acacia Mid Town is very understanding of vegetarians and almost anything on the menu can be done in a creative and veg-friendly way. I opted for the basil risotto (on the menu with veal scallopini) and the chef put together some elegant vegetables for on top of it. Now, I’ve tried a lot of “veggie plates” across the south and am usually fairly unimpressed, but the way the chefs at Acacia Mid Town carefully curated  the flavors to create my meal was mind blowing.

After finishing the meal we sat around, enjoying the cool spring night in a fabulous restaurant in a new city. One of those nights where you’re so content and satiated that you could sit there pleased, for hours. Yeah, one of those nights.
Have you visited Richmond? Whats your favorite restaurant in this capitol city? Thanks to VisitRichmond for sending us to Acacia Mid Town!

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9 responses to “Experience: Richmond’s Acacia MidTown

    It looks delicious… I’m hungry now.
    Love good restaurants ❤

    Mani Piñeiro

  2. Everything is so beautifully presented- and YUM. 🙂


  3. Food is always my first order of business too, and this looks awesome!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  4. wow the food and the place looks amazing. I am def hungry now


  5. Looks like such a fun town!


  6. Those scallops look delicious! Great photos darling.

    Dakota D.
    Instagram: @missdsquared413

  7. Oh, it looks extremely yummy!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  8. lovely pictures, Love the yummy food, I am almost hungry now 🙂 x

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