Monthly Musings Vol. 5

North and south ... the SE1 steams along the Vietnam coast.

Welcome to another month of my favorite reads! I started August on the beach for a family vacation; now I’m starting September on the go again — this time on a last minute Labor Day Weekend trip to the Grand Canyon! Be sure to follow along on InstaGram and Snapchat and check back soon for my posts about it.

In the meantime, here’s my favorite reads of the month, from wanderlust evoking lists to career advice and style musings.

  1. Obviously, I love to travel and there’s something magical about a train journey; I’d totally take any one of these trains! 5 more things for the bucket list!
  2. The Olympics were this month and with America being a reigning champion in most events it’s clear that the Olympic Fever is going to stick around a little longer this year. And when your favorite athlete came from a background like this, well isn’t that just the American Dream?
  3. This read had me taking style Q’s from the kiddos and totally missing that NYC feeling. You know, that feeling where anything goes sartorially and where no one judges you for your self expression? Yea, I miss that.
  4. I gave up caffeine a few months ago now and can’t believe how energized I feel. If you’re thinking about taking the plunge too I suggest you start with this read!
  5. Looking ahead to fall style and starting to curate my wardrobe. I can’t wait for all velvet err’thing.
  6. Speaking of looking ahead (far ahead) I found this Money Diaries about wedding planning absolutely fascinating. I am already so stressed for that part of my future.
  7. What to do when pups can’t get adopted? YOU HAVE A SLEEPOVER! Ohemgee guys I squealed (and maybe pms-cried) over this adorable read! Good thing they don’t have that in DC yet or I’d be owning a farm!


Wishlisting: (1) Moody and Velvet, yes please! Perfect for late Autumn eves. (2) The best tee for  the adventurer’s soul is right here. (3) Maybe it’s my freezing office, maybe it’s the impending fall, but I really really want to wrap myself in a cozy bell sleeved sweater until forever. (4) Fall bootie goals include ankle height and embellished; so glam! (5) Keeping with fall, it’s going to be pants weather again and I’m definitely needing some frayed hem denim; this under $50 pair is PERFECT!

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