Whatever, As If

Don’t let the title fool you into thinking  this post is about anything boring.

What they say about the Zion National Park is true; it is awe-inspiring, breathtaking, humbling… it makes you feel small, makes you feel grateful for this life you’ve been given.

After our one night in Vegas we set out early for southern Utah’s big National Park. We had plans to do The Narrows hike (a deep, canyon hike through about a foot of water for 5 hours- fun!) but with threats of an incoming storm we were left to hike second best – Angel’s Landing. Before the rains started we were already well on our way to a gorgeous hike.

Whatevs shirt via Marshalls (similar here)
Zion National Park hat via Huckberry (gets yours here!)

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3 responses to “Whatever, As If

  1. I love utah, it’s my favorite state to travel through, so beautiful. Thank you for sharing this!

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