Favorite Position: CEO

You know when a movie just has exceptional styling? And you spend hours trying to figure out where everything is from, why it’s styled so well, who styled it, how to get similar pieces?

That was me after watching The Intern. Anne Hathaway’s character is a total Boss (even if she has some character flaws, but I won’t ruin the ending) and is always a perfect mix of classic and casual. Almost every scene showed her in wide leg, high waisted silk trousers. So you know what I did? I spent the next two weeks buying every pair of high waisted silk trousers in my size from local thrift stores. I’m not even kidding I got about 6 pairs. Mind you, I work in a very casual office so these weren’t even necessary but who cares? I’m ready to start embracing the modern CEO look! Now, I just need to start a bomb a** company and make the moolah. In the interim, here’s a fun but classic corporate look to inspire all you fellow worker bee’s to step it up in the office!

WWorth Trousers (vintage)(similar here, here, and here
UniQlo HeatTech Turtleneck (on sale here – only $10!)
Rory Beca blazer (similar here, here)
Kate Spade handbag (shop similar here)

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6 responses to “Favorite Position: CEO

  1. This is totally business appropriate. I totally agree with you about becoming the CEO and do what you love and doing what you want. It is important and in time I think we can get there. I loved how you styled this look.


  2. Gorgeous! I love everything about this “boss” outfit!

  3. I loved that movie and yes the style was impeccable. I think this outfit is perfect for the office. I feel much more confident when I look stylish and professional at work.

  4. Love this look 😊

  5. Cute! I love when I pick up style inspiration. I still need to see that movie!

  6. I love this modern business look and how you pulled inspiration front Anne’s character. I find myself drifting towards a lot of the pieces she wears in different movies. I’m always curious if she has a hand in the clothing for her characters!

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