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Recipe Monday: Pretzel-Honey Mustard Crusted Tofu

So my roommate found and made a recipe for pretzel and honey mustard chicken on Pinterest one night; it smelled and looked so good I was compelled to try it with my tofu! The results; perfection. Only 4 ingredients, about … Continue reading

Recipe Monday: Enchilada Lasagna

Mexican meets Italian in this vegetarian, hybrid, all inclusive meal. WHAT? SO GOOD.And filling. And Spicy. AND DELICIOUS. Here’s what you’ll need: Rice 1 can of black beans Red salsa Salsa verde 5 tortilla wraps 1 packet crumbled “meat” Cheese! … Continue reading

Recipe Monday: El Desparado ((Vegan Brunch!))

One of my favorite Providence restaurants, Julian’s, has this amazing Mexican take on the Eggs Benedict called El Desperado; it’s so good I figured I’d try it out at home and spice it up a bit by making it vegan … Continue reading

Recipe Monday: Pumpkin Trifle

Here’s a lovely, and delectable, dessert for all your holiday parties! A pumpkin trifle! Ingredients you will need: 1 box Gingerbread cake mix 1 can pumpkin puree 4 boxes of butterscotch pudding 1 egg Pie spice (allspice, nutmeg,, cinnamon 1 … Continue reading

Recipe Monday: Vegan Stuffing

The Winter holidays are engulfing us, and with that comes plenty of eating. As a 13 year vegetarian my plates have always been lackluster, but with my sister going veg and my mom trying to eat healthier, my family has … Continue reading

Recipe Monday: Corona Cupcakes

Right after I found this recipe on Pinterest I knew it was one I’d have to try! And did I! This delectable dessert caters to all my booze loving friends and Ofcourse, myself. The recipe is decently easy and the … Continue reading

Recipe Monday: Pumpkin Risotto

Welcome from the heart of Hurricane Sandy! I’m beating the rainy blues by cooking until the power goes out, and I’ve been feeling festive! Today’s recipe; pumpkin risotto, complete with butternut squash. Ingredients: 4 tbsp of butter or margarine 1 … Continue reading

Recipe Monday: Mandarin Mango Curry “Chickn”

Ever since my mom accidentally bought Gardein brand faux meat I’ve been in love, experimenting and cooking weekly with all the different “meats”. Finally, I came across what in my mind can only be called a perfect meal. I introduce … Continue reading

Recipe Monday: Calzone

Made this DELICIOUS meal last night with some friends I’d spent the weekend with. It was possibly the best thing I’d eaten all week. ingredients: Pizza dough (recipe here) 1 egg white Uncooked spinach Ricotta cheese Mozzarella cheese Tomato purée … Continue reading

Recipe Monday: Breakfast Sushi + FoodStaGram

If you’re looking for a simple, yet satisfying and unique breakfast; THIS IS IT! Ingredients: peanut butter flour/wheat wrap banana Step 1: Spread peanut butter generously over the entire surface of your wrap: make sure it touches the edges, as … Continue reading