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2016 Holiday Cards

The holidays are such a joyous time, a reflection upon the past year and a time to celebrate and share. This is our third year sending out photo holiday cards and when it comes time to send them out we always go running to TinyPrints. Our cards have always come out beautifully, and we love the foil options and to choose a fun envelope insert (chevron is our go to!) Choosing a quality non-denominational card is always important as well and their selection is beautiful and festive.

Have you ordered your holiday cards yet? If not, order here to receive 10 free cards with your order!

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Monthly Musings Vol. 8

Welcome to December! I cannot believe we’re here! This year has been flying by (I feel like I say that monthly). November was a fast month, full of family for the holidays, shopping for December’s holidays, so much food, and so many great friends! I said Yes to “The Dress” this month, which is a big weight off my shoulders in the way of wedding planning, and started ticking even more off of our wedding planning checklist.

As we gear up for December I am full of excitement. Z’s birthday is just around the corner, with mine following after that. There’s holiday parties galore and I’m so excited to get into the festive spirit and have some good excuses to get all dressed up! And the most exciting part? We’re going to be heading to spend Christmas with Santa in the North Pole! Actually! well, basically…we’re headed off to Reykjavik and exploring Iceland. The Northern Lights on Christmas has me giddy with excitement!

On to my favorite reads of the month!

  1. PSA: BEYONCE HAS A LINE OF HOLIDAY GEAR. gimmegimmegimme!!!!
  2. announced their Word of The Year and it is oh so appropo.
  3. Beat the burnout from holiday overload with these simple tips from Apartment Therapy.
  4. Style over fashion. And here’s how you become the master of your lewk.
  5. I just can’t stop LOLing over these animal names!
  6. I got the new iPhone and never once question the lack of a headphone jack. Going wireless makes it easy to get up from my desk without the possibility of accidentally dropping my phone. Refinery29 rounded up a great selection of wireless headphones…I’m looking at those rose gold Caeden’s.
  7. White bishes love rose everything, rosé wine, rose gold…and now rose gold hair? def considering trying it for the summer circuit!
  8. I, like, every other woman who grew up in Stars Hollow, spent the end of the month watching A Year in The Life. There’s been so many recaps, but I love Nylon’s advice for budding journalists.
  9. doing some holiday shopping on a budget? There’s sooo so many gift guides out there but I’m specifically loving everything on this list!
  10. DC babes, we’re getting an SJP store that Carrie Bradshaw would approve of! though, tbh, IDK how I feel about it being in a casino….
  11. The end of the year can tend to herald a need to try something new or to switch jobs. The Every Girl has you covered with how to look for a new job while you still have one.

wishlisting: (1) this dress looks like a Valentino dream, but for a fraction of the price. (2) Nike’s with a rose gold accent? yes please! (3) forever wishing I could wear For Love and Lemons outside the bedroom. (4) Feel like your very own VS angel in these dreamy pajamas. (5) Dear Holiday Parties, you need this dress, don’t you? those sleeves! idie.

Want to keep up with me on my holiday travels?

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Vintage ReMixed

It was a blustery Sunday as I approached DC’s Yards Park. As I walked in on coupled off bloggers snapping photos I realized I probably should have had a pre-mosa, a little liquid courage before embarking on a day of meeting a slew of local bloggers. The fabulous and friendly Dani approached, offering to help take my photos as I warmed to the ideas of new pals and longing for the promised bottomless mimosas.

When you meet a woman like Dani, who I first met a few weeks prior, you’re immediately engulfed by her welcoming demeanor. In the blogging community it’s hard to find that, but Dani is down to earth and real. She’s begun organizing events for bloggers within the District and Sunday’s vintage themed #bubblesandbloggers brunch was the first one I was able to attend. After downing my first mimosa and calming my social anxiety I embraced the chatter among new friends. Agua 301 supplied the delicious food and seriously bottomless drinks while our gaggle of girls introduced ourselves and chatted about everything from our jobs (classic DC talk) to what got us started in blogging, and to what favorite apps and products we use to help our blogs.

sweater c/o Romwe (get it here!)
American Eagle jeans (get them on sale here)
vintage jacket (similar here, here)
vintage Louis Vuitton boots (last seen here)
vintage Gucci belt (last seen here)
vintage bag (similar here, here)

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Tanned Leather

It’s hard to believe that this time last week temperatures were near the 70s; high for November, but a welcome last hurrah. As we go into these holidays I’m loving the cozy textures ubiquitous to colder temps, while getting the last use out of my lighter bags until next spring.

Trouve drape front leather Jacket (get it here)
Trouve tee shirt (get it on sale here)
Ray Ban sunglasses
Sam Edelman heels (shop them here)
Necklace from Amazon (get the whole set of chokers here)
Lidia May bag c/o Lidia May (shop the collection here)

photos by Lawrence Santa

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Blue Jeans Gal

Vintage denim jackets with fun patches are all the rage now. I’ve shopped hard, accumulating my patches along my travels for the past year. I have my avocado patch that I picked up at the Quirk Gallery in Richmond, VA, my Huckberry patches for Zion National Park and Grand Canyon National Park, my cactus patches inspired by our trip to Texas…Pins from an Australian AirBnb guest, one from our trip down Arizona’s Route 66. These patches aren’t just a stylish statement they’re a collection, they’re a story, they’re my history. And I love to share them with anyone who glances my way.

DIY patched jacket
Ann Taylor fringe sweater (similar here, here and here)
Aldo boots (similar here, here
vintage Brahmin bag (similar here, here)
Cutler and Cross sunglasses by Ditto (shop them or rent them here)
photos by Lawrence Santa

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Experience: Antelope Canyon

Swirls of pinks, purples, and blues…colors reserved for paint cans and summer sunsets can be found, omnipresent, at the edge of one of Earth’s greatest creations. The Grand Canyon, though grand in itself, has many tangentials, stretching across multiple states. Of the most notable, Antelope Canyon is also one of the most beautiful.

The morning I got engaged we had a tour scheduled for the inner canyons; arriving the designated 45 minutes early, we waited in the sun, desert all around, as we watched people vanish into the canyons out of sight. Our turn came and we knew what to expect from the images, but there really is no preparing you for the awe you come face to face with once you step inside. The desert heat is whipped away as you descend into the cool rocks.

Getting a good tour guide is half the battle I think. We booked through Ken’s Tours, one of only a handful that offer a tour of the lower canyons. With so many groups pushed together (the Canyons see hundreds of tourists daily, though most opt for the easier to navigate upper canyon); you want someone patient and in love with their job. We witnessed other groups who had “goofball” guides, whereas ours truly understood the best places to get a good shot. She would even throw dust into the air to help us get that ubiquitous magical shot of the falling particles.

Even after the magic of getting engaged, this was a beautiful sight fitting to begin our engagement on.

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Layers of Warmth

The temperatures are dropping very close to freezing, and so fast this year! I don’t know about you but I feel like it generally doesn’t get that cold until December, though this year winter is rearing it’s ugly head a little sooner that I was expecting. Lucky for me, a brand new Uniqlo opened up right by my work! If you haven’t heard me wax poetic about the wonders of HeatTech before, well, you’re clearly new here. Every winter I stock up on the Japanese made basics with their built-in warming technology in preparation for the North Eastern weather. With the opening of their newest mid-atlantic stores meant good shopping (admittedly, twice during the Grand Opening weekend). And with everything under $50 the prices truly can’t be beat. I mean, $10 tees and socks? YES PLEASE.  I stocked up on gifts for my family in New England, cozy socks for Z, and some beautiful layers for myself, including this shawl and turtleneck; the perfect layers for our first frigid weekend.

UniQlo reversible Shawl (get it here for $15)

UniQlo HeatTech Turtleneck (shop it here in multiple colors!)

boots via DSW (similar here)

Laptop case by Kiko (shop it here)

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Leather Skirt and Harley Shirt

This fall weather is having me so excited to wear clothes again! Breaking away from breezy dresses I’m starting to get creative with layering again, and having fun with my personal style. I’m loving that graphic tees are having a moment right now — now my souvenir tee shirts get more use than sleeping clothes!

Harley Davidson souvenir tee
Vintage leather skirt (similar here, here, here)
thrifted/DIY jacket
booties via DSW (my fave 3 sequin boots right now: 1 // 2 // 3 )
ASOS skinny scarf (get it here) (similar here)

photos by Tanvi

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Monthly Musings Vol. 7

He recently visited Chopta, a hill station in Uttarakhand, with his friends Rukmini and Vijay. The couple runs a company called Collarfolk in New Delhi that plans vacations for families with dogs.

Good Morning to you all, and welcome to November. I hope your Halloween hangovers are mild and your memories are plentiful. Now, for some inspiration of my favorite things from the past month to ease you into the workday, and the new month.

  1. With the cooler temperatures on the way I am dreaming of these fireplaces; #6 is totally #housegoals! And #11 speaks to my wordly style goals.
  2. I’m hoping this shirt is on everyone’s wishlist now, for hilarity and for charity.
  3. “Uber for Millennials Who Want an Orchestra” – I’m hoping this start up explodes within the next year so I can use it for my wedding!
  4. Making my home less-cluttered is a constant goal of mine, but the rest of these 10 ways to make your home more sophisticated seem a little more feasible.
  5. Looking ahead to a month of freshness (and hopefully updating the blog more than I did in October) with these inspos for the chilling weather in style and minimalism.
  6. Also perfect for the chilly weather? This round up of delicious recipes!
  7. Being cold has me dreaming up warm weather vacations, with my best friends in tow.

Wishlisting: (1) This sweater is ruffled bell-sleeved perfection. (2) a Corduroy and faux shearling jacket in the perfect wine color is a MUST for fall! (3) The perfect layering piece for cold days that doesn’t feel bulky (I will never NOT shamelessly plug HeatTech). (4) I cannot stop dreaming over this Gucci belt…the perfect accoutrement to a jeans and a tee shirt look. (5) I want literally all of these pins and patches from this site.


Like what you see?

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Getting My Kicks on Route 66

Being an AirBnB host we get to hear from all types of people about their favorite parts of the States. As previously stated, we set out to make 2016 the year of exploring more of our own country after hearing about it from all of our guests and last month’s trip was a great one to tack on to our logs!

After exploring Zion National Park and the Grand Canyon we set out to drive back to Las Vegas along historic Route 66 – the most famed road in all of the Americas. Passing through Williams, Arizona was a perfect spot full of “Rt. 66” kitsch to stop for lunch among a friendly town of equal parts tourists and locals. We stocked up on patches for our denim jackets, souvenirs for family and friends, and photos and memories to last a lifetime.

Daniel Rainn dress via TJ Maxx (get it here)(similar here)
Thrifted boots (similar here)

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