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Experience: Maine Wildlife Park

 It’s no secret that I LOVE animals. Mostly cats, dogs, wildcats….land mammals and sea creatures. I’m a believer that wild animals shan’t be tamed and all should be treated with caution. Similar to my experience in South Africa, Z and I wanted to experience the wildlife of Maine. We teamed up with the Maine Wildlife Park to help the animals during feeding time. A semi-scary event when dealing with wild animals, but most of their habitants are rescued and rehabilitated and unfortunately unable to return to the wild. These animals are used to humans, but are still animals so we were cautious during our once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Red the Bear Red This is Red, and he may have been my favorite. A Maine black bear, drooling over fresh food. We fed him apples and muffins (his favorite), his tongue lapping like a dog for the crumbs. ADORABLE. And his BFF Suzanna was a lover as well. I’d never been in such close proximity to a bear and I must say I got over my initial fears quickly. Like all animals, they aren’t defensive unless you start something with them (ie: getting close to a mama and her babies). Fun Fact: Most Bear attacks are by females, because of that exact reason.

Fun Fact: Cougars are cross-eyed

Fun Fact: Cougars are cross-eyed. And purr and meow adorably. Giant house cats! Also in cute large cats; Bobcats are the timid house cat of the wild. While Marianna the cougar would meet us at her fence to purr, when we entered the bobcat enclosure the cats ran from us to stare, timidly shaking their muted tails.

Bobby Bobcat

SEE!? SO HAPPY to hang out with animals!

What I Wore: 

Free People Cargo Pants (similar here)
Vans Sneakers (here!)
H&M Basic Tee
Zara Chambray shirt (similar)

Moose Antlers

Going to the Maine Wildlife Park we learned so much about animals from our own country, animals that could potentially end up in our own backyards. While there were plenty of children and child-geared exhibits at the park, doing the full photo tour was worth it for us adults. Getting the hands on experience was something we will cherish forever. Headed to Maine anytime soon? Be sure to book your photo pass and get your once-in-a-lifetime experience with the Maine Wildlife Park in Gray!


Cat accessoriesThere’s been a project I’ve been working on for a few months, that you may know about if you follow me on social media but I haven’t written about on here…until now.

DC has opened it’s doors of it’s first ever CAT CAFE. WHAT? I DON’T NEED TO TRAVEL TO JAPAN TO SNUGGLE MULTIPLE CATS AT ONCE!?? Tis True, my fellow feline frenzied friends [holy alliteration I’m just going to pat myself on the back for that one]. These photos were taken last month at a pre-opening party for Crumbs & Whiskers but are forever relevant because of CATS.



The Deetz: you don’t need to bring your own cat; Crumbs & Whiskers is armed with 20 totally adoptable cats via the Washington Humane Society. They also have coffee and cat shaped cookies and smoothies and other treats your pattering purring heart may desire. You need a reservation to go, but once you’re in you can stay by the hour to play with all the kittehs. They celebrated their one month anniversary earlier this week in true cat fashion…with baby kittens! In one month they’ve celebrated 11 adoptions, of which I am personally sad and happy; my little kitty babies have found homes outside of my helping arms.

wearing: Tokyo Darling jeans (similar)
Crop top c/o The Girl That Loves (here)
sunglasses via disClothesure (here)
thrifted wedges
IOU bag from ASOS
earrings via Lou Lou boutiques (similar)(similar)


Want to help? Visit Crumbs & Whiskers either to play or pick a furbaby to adopt!

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Maine Photodiary 2015

Palace playland

I’ve just returned from another weeklong trip to Maine, spending warm summer days with my family! While I didn’t get around to taking any outfit sets for this here blog (too busy soaking in the sun), here’s a few images chronicling some highlights of the week! Want more and to keep up with the rest of my travels (next week I’m in Delaware!)? Be sure to follow me on SnapChat or InstaGram @QueSeraSahra !

wearing Express reversible Barcelona Cami and Olive and Oak Shattered Tile skirt (gifted)

Zapoteca, Portland’s #1 Mexican restaurant; so good

Baby deer

wearing a thrifted skirt via Buffalo Exchange and Maeve top
from Anthropologie (similar)

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I Was Asleep Until The Day I Died

Another post from my lookbook collaboration with my friend/designer Linell Ellis. This look screams summer nights out on the town with the white and aztec tank and bold-gold hot pants. Let’s not forget the snake print clutch, the true statement piece. Seriously, I’m ready for a margarita by the beach and a night of dancing with my girls!

Top and bottoms from Nordstrom

“Nikki” Clutch Linell Ellis

Choker necklace from TopShop (old)

Make up and hair by RoxyRican

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I Wanted Everyone To Know That You’re The One For Me

It’s time to run, they’ll string me up for all that I’ve done
I’m going soon, gonna leave tonight by the light of the moon
I did it all for you, I hope you know the lengths I’ve gone to

A little edgy with just the right breeze for summer; double light wash denim with some stark black cut out bra and layered gold chains make for a perfect menage of styles. My aesthetic has always erred on the side of edgy punk, but lately the DC influence has brought me up to a more prep state (read: I now own J.Crew and Ann Taylor). Seeing this bra and putting it on brought me back to my days in NYC where I was always breaking out and putting on something shocking and bold. I like the way I downplayed it’s sexyness with making it more of a background for the whole look. What do you think?

Tokyo Darling jeans from Aeropostale (available here)
Zara Basic chambray shirt
Bra by Ajour via Le Bustiere Boutique
Nine West pumps

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Every Woman Deserves a Perfect Fit

 bra available at Le Bustiere Boutique

Imagine, if you will, that you are out on the streets. You’re homeless and haven’t had a shower in days. You have no clean underwear, your skin is starting to burn and itch… There are over 1,750,000 homeless in the United States, 40% of which are women. 25% have claimed abuse in the past year, whether that be domestic or sexual. The average American woman has nearly 30 pairs of underwear, whereas women in shelters have none. Lingerie may seem like a luxury we take for granted at times, especially when underwear is persistently the most needed item at homeless shelters around the county, alongside feminine hygiene products (which aren’t free, though condoms are). If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed my recent interest in these issues; they are emotionally charged full of angering statistics. Thankfully, I’ve been finding many corporations, small and large, doing something about this, even in my own backyard of Washington DC.  Upon meeting Stephanie, owner of Adams Morgan’s Le Bustiere Boutique, you encounter a woman who has found her calling. Not only is she passionate about sexy little undergarments, she speaks so emotionally about her upcoming work with Thrive DC and how they will be donating over 500 pairs of underwear and bras to DC based homeless shelters. “These women, they don’t have clean underwear, they don’t have access to pads or tampons, and they run the risks of skin and internal infections. Not only that, but there is so much sexual violence, and to many women underwear is their last barrier in their fight against rape”, says Stephanie on why she feels it is so important to supply women with things we may take for granted. “Putting on clean underwear makes you feel human again.” Having a proper fitting bra does wonders for a woman’s confidence, and as we all know, all women do not fit one size. When reached out for donations, Stephanie was hoping to be able to procure 50 donations, but has managed to bring that number to over 500 with sponsors and donations. A Perfect Fit DayUndergarment design veterans Curvy Kate and The Little Bra Company have donated past and undersold styles in varying sizes to the cause. Want to do your part? Feel free to join me at Le Bustiere Boutique on July 7th from 1-4pm as Stephanie and her team measure and give out free bras and underwear to those in need. Thrive is also still taking donations via their Amazon Wishlist for smaller cup sizes. What do you think of what these companies are doing? What can you or have you done in your hometown to help those in need?

Blush bra available at Le Bustiere Boutique

Le Bustiere Boutique is located at
1744 Columbia Rd NW #2
Washington, DC 20009

Self Date Sunday: Shop Small Sugar Scrub

If there’s one thing I love about being a millennial it’s the insurgence of “shopping small” and supporting local businesses. More times than not, these small batch products are exceptionally better quality than the mass produced counterparts. The only bad thing, sometimes the small label products you find on a whim of a random trip to another state are horribly difficult to find on the internet. Little Matey’s is one of those brands.

Hand made in Newport, RI, Little Matey’s creates all organic products for your skin. From Shea butter lotion to sugary body scrubs they have all things to give you the smoothest skin possible. And with my annual beach vacations coming up I figured it was time to exfoliate my skin and drive some new life into it before it’s bared for the sun and sand. Similar to my previous body scrubs I’ve used, this one smoothens skin while blasting cellulite. While each scrub has a different balance of exfoliator and oils and lotions, I love that this one is high on soothing oils and minimal on the lotion. It helps to give me a little extra summer sheen!

Now, while you may not be able to find this exact product or be able to adventure to a craft fair in Rhode Island you should check out your local vendors. See what small business minded women are cooking up in their homes; you might be surprised by what you find when you shop small!

Do you shop local small businesses? What’s your favorite locally owned business in your neighborhood? Seriously, I want to check out more local businesses and travel to visit cool creatives so give me ideas!

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