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Eva Mendes x NY & Company

Growing up in suburban Massachusetts I’d pass by NY& Company in the mall; the corporate styles were colorful and fun, youthful yet mature. I bought my first job interview outfit there.

As I grew older, moved away to the land of fashion, I stopped shopping at NY& Company. I wasn’t aware of the changes they’d been making in their branding or the amazing celebrity partnerships they had going on until my friend Tanvi invited me to check out the Summer collection in collaboration with Eva Mendes. We walked into the shop and were in total awe of the difference of the store to that of the one of our memories. In place of corporate styles there was trendy pieces perfect for a summer of fun, whether on a staycation or out exploring a new destination. They had pieces that worked for the office, but also worked for an afternoon picnic, catering to the modern on-the-go gal. Me and a small group of blogger pals were all styled by the company’s creative director, Yelena, a woman with true style and a wealth of knowledge of looking “cool”. With the ubiquitous off the shoulder tops and dresses and kick flare jeans I was convinced that NY& Company was now a place I needed to check out regularly more often!

 photos by Matt Ha

Shop the entire Eva Mendes for NY& Company collection here and let me know what you think of it!

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Give a Little Edge

Living in DC I’m obviously influenced by the styles here; the preppy meets conservative professionalism. I’ve accepted the inherent change, but have also been adamant to keep my edge in life and the workplace.

When a friend invited me to shop with her at Kendra Scott I was nervous but excited. KS seemed like the quintessential “preppy” jewelry brand, full of cut stones on gold chains. It is, but it’s so much more. Kendra Scott definitely has something for every style, and if you don’t see something you like on the floor you can always customize with the in-house color bar.

After falling in love with this edgy collar piece I knew I’d found a brand I love.

Kendra Scott “Tristan”necklace (get it here)
Kendra Scott Color Bar custom ring
Rory Beca blazer (similar here)
All Saints dress (get it here)

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Work of Art

You can make a fantasy a reality
Because you’re creating your own masterpiece
Rent The Runway Georgetown
Art and fashion go hand in hand, whether it’s art influencing fashion a la Yves Saint Laurent’s Mondrian collection or fashion inspiring art like Bob Mackie, or even the collision of the two parallels as seen in Alexander McQueen’s Spring ’99 presentation. When my friend Beth asked me to join her at Rent The Runway’s latest field guide on Art Collecting I was ecstatic. Z and I love art in our home and consider ourselves pretty artistically knowledgable. It was a wonderful evening of wine, cupcakes, and art in what can only be described as an artful interior. Gorgeous, well merchandised dresses line ornate walls like the above blue marbled and the below brick with galleried mirrors.

Rent The Runway Georgetown
The knowledgeable and worldly Peggy Sparks of Artists Proof Gallery in Georgetown led the way through our field notes lesson explaining why we should invest in art, how we should invest in art, and a little bit of some art history. Personally, I learned that I shouldn’t make executive art decisions because it matches something else or just because I want art; any piece I invest in should be one I’ve had an unequivocal connection with. Much of my art and prints in my home are just “pretty”; the animal prints in my living room fit the theme and my personality, while the dainty prints in my office inspire me. The next time I make a large original art purchase, though, I’ll be sure to choose a piece that I would mourn if I lost it.
Another great lesson was to purchase art smartly. Many places sell reproductions or prints and price them as originals, yet they don’t carry the same worth. I know for me I enjoy running my fingers along grooves of thick paint as an added feature to original art that you don’t get in a reproduction. My favorite things to have learned were the websites to check for emerging artists and artist research. Exhibition A and ArtSpan are some worth checking out!
Rent The Runway GeorgetownNow, for the fun part; what I wore. For this event I decided to go trendy. A short but structured dress over classic trousers and heels felt very “Chelsea Art Gallery Consultant” to me, even if I’m just a DC girl with an interest in free wine and pretty things.

Do you have any originally art works in your home? What’s your favorite way to buy art?

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Experience: Paint Nite

Paint Nite DC
While young you probably hated art class—actually, who am I kidding; if you’re reading my blog you’re creatively inclined and probably lived for art classes. I certainly did! Now that we’re adults we spend our time formerly blocked off for after school crafts at happy hours and networking mixers. Merging the youth with our adult preferences, wine and paint (though seemingly a recipe for sartorial disaster) is the hottest trend for social soirees right now. Celebs like “Bachelorette” Andi Dorfman have hopped on the train by bringing friends for some drunk art.

Paint Nite offered me and 3 friends the chance to get in on the fun here in DC. I chose my begrudging BF (of course) and my friends Natasha and Dan to join me in the nostalgia of acrylic paints and smooth canvas. We went to Nellie’s of U St. to paint “A Walk In The Park”. Being rebels (and already having a glass of wine in us) we decided to get creative and go off prompt.
Z and Dan began by following the prompt while Natasha and I went dark and moody. Adding purple and navy tones to our blue skies. As the drinks started flowing we became more confident in our painting. Our instructor walked by with assistance but was very supportive of us doing our own creative thing as well.

Paint Nite DC
By the end of the two hours we had 4 unique paintings. My favorite is Dan’s, because he followed the prompt and has some serious hidden talents. I also love Natasha’s unique and political take on it. Zander’s was dark but still much like the prompt. While mine…well, let’s just say I’m way better at drinking wine than painting. But you, you may be better. If you want to try your hand at Paint Nite, use code “TWITTER” for 35% off your first session !
Paint Nite DC
Paint Nite DC
Fun Fact:(also, my excuse for not having posted sooner and for not blogging much this week): After putting our paintings in our car and heading down the block for a Restaurant Week dinner, our car was stolen. We were gone barely an hour and a half and someone took our dinosaur of a jeep. Thankfully, as of 8/21 it has been found and returned to us, complete with our paintings, YAY! Now we can finally find a space to hang our memories of a night well spent.

Every Woman Deserves a Perfect Fit

 bra available at Le Bustiere Boutique

Imagine, if you will, that you are out on the streets. You’re homeless and haven’t had a shower in days. You have no clean underwear, your skin is starting to burn and itch… There are over 1,750,000 homeless in the United States, 40% of which are women. 25% have claimed abuse in the past year, whether that be domestic or sexual. The average American woman has nearly 30 pairs of underwear, whereas women in shelters have none. Lingerie may seem like a luxury we take for granted at times, especially when underwear is persistently the most needed item at homeless shelters around the county, alongside feminine hygiene products (which aren’t free, though condoms are). If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed my recent interest in these issues; they are emotionally charged full of angering statistics. Thankfully, I’ve been finding many corporations, small and large, doing something about this, even in my own backyard of Washington DC.  Upon meeting Stephanie, owner of Adams Morgan’s Le Bustiere Boutique, you encounter a woman who has found her calling. Not only is she passionate about sexy little undergarments, she speaks so emotionally about her upcoming work with Thrive DC and how they will be donating over 500 pairs of underwear and bras to DC based homeless shelters. “These women, they don’t have clean underwear, they don’t have access to pads or tampons, and they run the risks of skin and internal infections. Not only that, but there is so much sexual violence, and to many women underwear is their last barrier in their fight against rape”, says Stephanie on why she feels it is so important to supply women with things we may take for granted. “Putting on clean underwear makes you feel human again.” Having a proper fitting bra does wonders for a woman’s confidence, and as we all know, all women do not fit one size. When reached out for donations, Stephanie was hoping to be able to procure 50 donations, but has managed to bring that number to over 500 with sponsors and donations. A Perfect Fit DayUndergarment design veterans Curvy Kate and The Little Bra Company have donated past and undersold styles in varying sizes to the cause. Want to do your part? Feel free to join me at Le Bustiere Boutique on July 7th from 1-4pm as Stephanie and her team measure and give out free bras and underwear to those in need. Thrive is also still taking donations via their Amazon Wishlist for smaller cup sizes. What do you think of what these companies are doing? What can you or have you done in your hometown to help those in need?

Blush bra available at Le Bustiere Boutique

Le Bustiere Boutique is located at
1744 Columbia Rd NW #2
Washington, DC 20009

Seasons Change

Ah, the end of summer. It’s time to bid adieu to beach bound days, warm bonfire nights, and the ever present music festival. Or is it? This September DC’s premier music event hosts put on their first major festival. Crowds from all over came to see the line-up of bands you’ll know if you listen to Songza and any alt radio. A rainy day didn’t hold fans back from the music, or the style. While DC is known for it’s J.Crew and suit sets, these style stars brought their personality to the festival. From crop tops to utility style, they’ve got the trends down pat.

 We arrived to the venue, DC’s Union Market, after a morning of rain that thankfully cleared up. There was a soft chill in the air but that didn’t stop anyone from basking in the beaming rays of sunshine beginning to poke through. I was lucky enough to be awarded a media pass so I could take some “street style” snaps of what these festival goers were wearing. The organizer for the event, Nancy, was one of the best dressed there, channeling fall style in a mustard cardigan and floppy hat. Other festival goers seemed to favor a splash of denim, fringed bags, lightweight militant jackets, and airy tanks. Floppy hats like Nancy’s and my own, were a definite trend as well, one that I can see lasting all fall and winter long.

As for the music, it was all some of my top played artists of the summer including Tove Lo, Future Islands, Haerts, and Panama Wedding. If you’re a fan of Songza’s “Blogged 50” radio station then there’s no doubt you’ve heard these musicians crooning their way into your mind with catchy tunes and dancey beats. Ah, live music. There’s nothing in the world quite like it. We spent the day sipping on Green Hat Gin’s specialty cocktails and people watching from afar, taking pictures, and meeting new people.

As the day wore on and the sun began to set the party started to pick up. Just in time for rising stars Future Islands (they just #killedit on David Letterman) took the stage to close out the night complete with a light show and some serious soul.

All in All? All Things Go Fall Classic is a new festival series that is sure to be one to watch. Can’t wait to see who plays next year!

Join Me on July 12th…

Linell Ellis Pop Up Shop Hoted by blogger Que Sera SahraRemember this amazing handbag from a few months back? Well Linell Ellis and I are teaming up again, this time for a pop-up shop that’s sure to be the hit of your weekend!Linell Ellis FW 14/15 handbag on Que Sera SahraIf you live in the Metro DC Area I hope to see you there!

XO Sahra

The Politics of Fashion

The Politics of Fashion DC Unboxed
The Politics of Fashion DC Unboxed
The Politics of Fashion DC Unboxed Premiere Styled True and Que Sera SahraWhen I first moved to DC one of the things that scared me the most was it’s sartorial state. I was warned it was the land of box suits and sweater combos, and of course, conservative dress. Upon arrival I joined blogger networks and went to events alone, eager to make friends. Amidst the J.Crew and Ann Taylor clad ladies I was able to find some unique treasures of stylish women. What I learned from my immersion in the DC Fashion scene was shocking, intriguing, and confusing.
Recent documentary The Politics of Fashion has recently addressed all of my concerns, and I was lucky enough to attend its premiere.
The Politics of Fashion DC Unboxed
Producer Elaine Mensah asked all the burning questions about DC fashion, and the answers from the city’s top influencer’s were agreeable to my own thoughts. DC is capitalizing on the blog trend and style setters, with it’s residents becoming more aware and cognisant of fashion and style. However, DC will never be a fashion capitol, whether US or internationally. There’s New York, London, Paris, not New York, DC, Paris, Marseille. Will it ever become a manufacturing or design center? It’s on it’s way, with small businesses and entrepreneurs taking it into their own hands to create their craft where they live and work, but many experts believe that full scale production isn’t in the future of DC. I love the small business aspect that this city and country are taking on and how good it is for the economy on the grand scheme of things. Through my Politics of Fashion Experience I was exposed to seeing that, besides shop owners, there are small design houses, creative designers, and even textile designers within the District. Living in a city that is busting with creative minds is amazing, and I’m happy to be a part of the growing community.

Interested in hearing/seeing more about this informative documetary? Watch the trailer by clicking here, scope the website out here, or check for upcoming viewings here!

What I wore to the premiere:

The Politics of Fashion DC Unboxed Sahra of Que Sera Sahra

Dress via Current Boutique DC
Baker’s Heels
Fall River Leather’s fringed bag
Earrings via Francesca’s Collection

The Politics of Fashion DC Unboxed blogger Sahra and model Kana

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Event ReCap: Boulevard of Chic


This past Saturday was gorgeous; sunny and bright, nearly 75 degrees all day. I had the pleasure and honor of attending the first ever Fashion Truck Rally in Baltimore! Coined “Boulevard of Chic” this event was chock full of cool people, stylistic inspirations, and trendy shopping.  I fell in love with plenty of pieces, and loved chatting with the truck and pop-up shop participants!

As a ViP Blogger, I received a fun lanyard, was able to bring my friend Chantelle; we got gift bags and special discounts and coupons as well! There was food, drinks, giveaways, and fabulous other bloggers as well as shoppers!


Dress from Thread Truck


Rings by Kacey Royer


Necklaces from Side Dish Mobile


Puppy named Jade, up for adoption through Baltimore Humane Society


Gift bag swag !

I walked away from the event sun kissed and with my bag of swag, as well as a few purchases (which you’ll see soon!)

What do you think of my snaps!? Be sure you follow Boulevard of Chic to keep updated about their next event, which they are already planning!

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Fashions Night Out

A week ago today was the second annual Fashions Night Out, which if you didn’t know, is a global shopping event where stores stay open late (the events are usually 6-11pm) for one night only with activities,celebrities, fashion shows, and more!
Last year I stayed pretty basic, just going to a few small shops before hitting up a fashion show. This year however, I decided to do the more major events and spots. This began at Bloomingdale’s on 60th. There were drinks, games, sales, artists, live performances and other special guests. While listening to music I shopped around and came across the All Saints set up in there. It was amazing, expect a post about it soon.

After Bloomie’s I met up with some friends to see Heidi Klum at Destination Maternity. There they were serving pizza slices, Magnolia cupcakes, refreshments, cookies, and sushi; everything a pregnant woman could ask for!

Afterwards my friends and I attempted Bergdorf’s. The line to get inside literally stretched round the block, but there was also a mini bock party going down…live window displays and entertainment.

Next stop was Barney’s, where the Olsen Twins were supposed to be hosting karaoke. The store was PACKED and POP chips and special edition waters were handed out to the guests.

Walking around on 5th avenue there was quite a crowd outside of Versace and Gant were creating quite a ruckus with their live models. Versace had gorgeous posers in their windows…while Gant attempting to be epic (they had a kegger last year) had a man…in the shower, in their window. Girls were stopping to take pictures of and with the handsome, built model who was definitely enjoying all the attention. Leave it to the heavy hitters to know how to get the crowd buzzing…

After waiting for my friend to meet Kim Kardashian, I finally called it a night and grabbed some margaritas with my friends!

Now, I just got back from NY yesterday so this is the first of many posts…get ready so Stevie Boi Shades, Alice + Olivia, and much more!