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Recent Features

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted where I’ve been featured lately, probably because I wasn’t getting many features. Lately, though, QSS has been booming and I couldn’t be more ecstatic and excited! And with more to come, I hope to continue to aspire to inspire!

In order of most recent, be sure to click through for the original posts!

District Style: Style Setter of the Week

Refinery 29: Seasonal Style

LittleBittyCityOne’s #WCW

KoGod Marketing Conference at American University

Again, I’m so honored by all of these experiences! Be sure to be following me to keep up with all my postings, features, and adventures!

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Featured: Political Style

Hey guys! I was recently interviewed and featured on local DC Blog, Political Style! I discussed some of my favorite local spots, as well as history and personal style!20140215-160153.jpg

Be sure to read the rest of the feature here, and thanks Lauren for the write up!

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Guest Posted: The Yuppie Files


Today I’m over on fellow DC Blogger The Yuppie Files‘ page talking about edgy fall must-haves!

Check it out HERE!

Day Made

Eep! I just had TWO images featured on the Forever21 site!

foreverrrOutfit 1’s original post can be found HERE, and outfit 2’s original post can be found HERE!

Recent Features!

Though I was sparsely posting on here this past October, me and my work were still being posted else where!

I was interviewed and featured on Abbey Barker’s blog  about my life and work in the fashion industry. Read it HERE!

I also wrote a piece that was just published to in their “Must Follow Fashion Bloggers” piece, about life in NYC And what to do and where to go when visiting there! Read that piece HERE!

My Ariel Halloween costume was features in the FemInspire Halloween roundup which can be seen here. Don’t forget that I’m a staff fashion writer over there on FemInspire so you should definitely be following and check out the website at least every other day!

Featured: A Whole Buncha Nothin’s Favorite Blogs

Nyasia of AWholeBunchaNothin has featured me, alongside some amazing other bloggers, as one of her top three favorites! I feel so honored!

The other two: Kenza of Sweden, and my own GirlCrush, BillyTilly!

Be sure to check out Nyasia’s fashion blog! She’s an adorable model and blogger who I worked with on two occasions and is a total sweetheart!

BEG (for your life)

Once upon a time I was a 17 year old girl who moved to New York City to pursue her dreams. I was a model and an actress, and doing rather well for myself. And then I grew up, and realized I wouldn’t be young and thin forever so I went to college.

But in those three years before my education, I did a lot of great work. One of my favorite projects was working on the four years coming horror film, BEG. I shot the majority of my scenes when I was 18-19, and the film has FINALLY premiered last night at the Rhode Island Horror Film Festival, where it took the award for Best Feature Film and Best Actor for Tony Moran (The original Michael Myers!)

Here are some pictures from the set, granted they’re a few years old, but that’s me, in character as “Becky”!

I play a cheerleader who stupidly goes walking into the Salem, MA woods alone to get to a party…and we all know what happens when a girl goes into the woods alone in a horror film!

It’s a great movie, and I’m so happy to have been a part of it! Be sure to look for it on FearNet and other horror sets, it should be there soon!

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Featured on FashionbyHe

A few weeks ago I did an interview for FashionByHe, and today my interview and featured went live as I’m HottHe of the week!

FashionByHe is a blog with some unique tastes. I’ve personally found some articles with links to awesome necessities.

Check out the rest of my interview and the post HERE!

Also, I want to thank all of my followers and commenters for your support. It means a lot to me to have your support in doing what I love; blogging! ❤

Featured! Karmaloop’s Shakedown

I’m so excited; I’m this week’s featured blogger on the ladies’ blog of KarmaLoop!

Read more from my interview here! Also, you can get 20% off at entering discount code “SAHRA11” at check out 🙂

Featured on This Lady Behaves!

This Lady Behaves is a one of a kind blog celebrating the writers’ top 100 favorite bloggers, and she chose me as #26!

I feel so honored to be up there, after reading about so many other inspirational fashion bloggers!

Click the picture to be directed to the post about me, or click HERE for the blog!

Thanks, TLB! <33