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Experience: Richmond’s Acacia MidTown

As foodies our first order of business when traveling is always to figure out where to eat. With Richmond everyone suggested Acacia Mid Town and boy was that a step in the right direction!

Upon arrival we were whisked into the alluring atmosphere of soft lights and organic inspired elements. With recommendations off the cocktail list we sat back to enjoy the ambiance while pondering our food choices. We started with a ricotta ball in a watermelon gazpacho. Z chose an entree of sauteed scallops and gnocchi, which he could not stop raving about. When looking for an entree I didn’t find much for my vegetarian preferences. Lucky for me, Acacia Mid Town is very understanding of vegetarians and almost anything on the menu can be done in a creative and veg-friendly way. I opted for the basil risotto (on the menu with veal scallopini) and the chef put together some elegant vegetables for on top of it. Now, I’ve tried a lot of “veggie plates” across the south and am usually fairly unimpressed, but the way the chefs at Acacia Mid Town carefully curated  the flavors to create my meal was mind blowing.

After finishing the meal we sat around, enjoying the cool spring night in a fabulous restaurant in a new city. One of those nights where you’re so content and satiated that you could sit there pleased, for hours. Yeah, one of those nights.
Have you visited Richmond? Whats your favorite restaurant in this capitol city? Thanks to VisitRichmond for sending us to Acacia Mid Town!

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Experience: Richmond’s Maple & Pine

After a late check-in to our hotel we made our first stop in Richmond to Maple & Pine for Saturday brunch. We got there as the flowers were arriving for an afternoon wedding and walked in to the aromatics of beautiful bouquets and fried potatoes (could anything be more perfect on a Saturday morning!?).

After ordering our food and beverages we sat back and took in the space. I would die to own the winding benches that create the fluid seating. The marble with subtle pink accents gives the space an open and airy feel, while funky artwork (like the cat playing with the octopus) keeps it playful.

The restaurant, located within the Quirk Hotel, is also home to a beautiful gallery and curio shop carrying items that evoke that clean, feminine, and artsy vibes. Part of the whole experience includes a coffee bar at the front of the space with bistro tables interspersed with vintage looking tufted couches and chairs.
If you’re heading to Richmond definitely suggest this one-stop-spot as your starting point for a weekend of exploration!

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Club W (+ a FREE wine for You)

Subscription services are nothing new. There’s Birchbox, PopSugar, Allure and now Sephora  for beauty…Le Tote, Gwynnie Bee, Stitch Fix for clothing, and Adore Me for the sexy little things in life. BarkBox, Bespoke Post and Kitty Kits for all your best friends. And now, Club W, for the winos that we all are.

I signed up for ClubW after hearing about it on and then (that very same day) a co-worker had her monthly box delivered. I took it as a sign and immediately signed up. I picked out my 3 bottles of wine, two reds and a white, and started the waiting game. My wines came within a week, packaged in a box with an easy to carry handle.

Each wine came with a card describing the wine, it’s flavor profile, and then a recipe for something yummy to pair it with. Almost all of the wines are American, so you can feel good about supporting home grown businesses, and they’re all pretty great for their price ($13 a bottle). You can buy in packets of 3 bottles or 6 bottles, and if you buy 6 the shipping is free!

My favorite wine of this set was the Alchemist Noir blend; I love a deep red as the weather gets colder to pair with a hearty meal. I also loved the Tempo Vero; the very berry taste holds onto the last grips of summer. The Everything Nice was a bit sweet for me (I like my wines dry and crisp) but definitely love having it around the house for guests who prefer something with more of that sugary flavor.

Even better, you can now get a free bottle on me by joining ClubW here! What are you waiting for, free wine is calling!

please note that this is not a sponsored post. ClubW is something I’ve found and enjoy and wanted to share!

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Zapoteca in Portland, Maine

Zapoteca Mexican restaurant in Portland, ME

Ah, good old Portland, Maine. Smaller than it’s trans-country doppelnamer, but still the same 90s infused sensibility, this place is a unique American city. With a summer trip to the area every year, Z and I have started exploring what this city has to offer. The best part? Portland, Maine is home to the most restaurants per capita (in a yearly competition with San Fran); aka A Foodie’s Dream Come True. This most recent trip took us to Zapoteca, in search of what we heard was the best Mexican cuisine within the Portland area.

We started with the guacamole because I love avocado in all it’s forms. Zapoteca serves theirs well shaped and on a plate with chips, which was unique, not to mention delicious.  We also [took home and] tried a trio of salsa sampler. We tried the salsa de arnacado (fire roasted cashew), salsa pepita (toasted pumpkin seeds), and salsa naranja (with orange, chilis, and asian spices). They were all amazing but that cashew salsa OMG. I put that ish on everything for the following days, from scrambled eggs (weirdly delicious) to my grilled cheese (amaze).

Zapoteca Mexican restaurant in Portland, ME

For the main course Z had chicken enchilladas while I dove in for a chili relleno. Z’s was delicious, smothered in sauces with a side of perfectly salted pureed beans. Mine was posibly the largest chili I’d ever seen or eaten. Smothered in a mole sauce and stuffed with delicious spices and cheese I definitely had made the right choice.

Zapoteca Mexican restaurant in Portland, ME

Zapoteca Mexican restaurant in Portland, ME

As for drinks, we highly recommend La Rumba (a rum based twist on a mexican mojito with cilantro and coconut) and the Mezcal Rita, especially if you’re a fan of the smokey savory flavors that are characteristic of Mexico’s best export.

Omg I’m finishing up this post and starting to salivate….Being self-proclaimed Mexican food snobs we were not let down in the state farthest from the border.

What’s YOUR favorite local Mexican restaurant?

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3 Ways to Enjoy Mezcal for Cinco De Mayo

Less than one week until my favorite party of the year! Last year I was unfortunately terribly ill, but this week I have a friend in town and friends coming over and I’m so ready; give me all the guac! And Mezcal…

I’ve always been a fan of mezcal; it’s like tequilas funky flavorful aunt. They share the same genetics (agave) but mezcal is a less processed, younger form. It’s like tequila but with a smokier, less bitter bite so it’s better for sipping and enjoying, not that we don’t enjoy a few shots of tequila but it’s a different enjoyment that doesn’t end with us in smeared lipstick half-dressed asleep on the floor.  Last years trip to Mexico only exacerbated my love for this liquor and I’m so excited to share with you some of my favorite  recipes! Also, if you’re looking for a good mezcal to try, La Marca Negra is my favorite that I’ve found here in The States, and it’s only $55 a bottle!

First up is Z’s favorite way to enjoy this liquor- in a “red and stormy”. An updated dark and stormy, this drink calls for ginger beer (2oz), mezcal (1-2 oz depending on how frisky you want to get),  grapefruit juice (1/2 oz), simple syrup(1/2oz), and lime juice (a squirt!). Mix and pour over ice you get a smokey yet gingery-spicey drink that you won’t be able to put down!

Next up, the Mezcal Mule. Another twist on a classic, this one also involves ginger beer (6oz). Grab your mule glass, or a classic rocks glass, and a pint glass. In the pint glass muddle simple syrup with 3-4 leaves of fresh mint.  Add your ginger beer, 2oz of mezcal, and 2oz of lime juice, mix and strain over ice into your glass. Garnish with extra mint for a refreshingly smokey afternoon sipper.

Lastly,  like I said Mezcal is a great sipping drink; the easiest way to toss it back is the way they do it in Mexico. Take two shot glasses, fill one with your mezcal, and the other with orange juice*. Sip the mezcal, follow up with the juice, and sit back and enjoy the intoxicating flavors of a Mexican summer.

** other options include rimming your glass with spices, having a side of sliced orange, or a slice of spiced orange.

Have you ever tried Mezcal? What are you doing this Cinco De Mayo??

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1821 Bitters

*This post is not sponsored*

It’s no secret that I love a good drink. Lucky for me, I found a man who’s even more passionate than I am about booze. He’s always trying new concoctions, mixes, and brands of liquor for tasty libations. Bitters, most commonly used in old fashioneds, have been commonplace on our bar cart with various flavors in rotation. This holiday season I found 1821 Bitters and knew, with their unique flavorings and small batch flair, that they were the perfect addition. They’re so good, I had to share with you readers!

If you didn’t know, bitters are a common ingredient in classic cocktails. They’re high in alcohol content so are not meant to be drank on their own (neat or on the rocks). Seriously, don’t try it. Due to their potency it is best to only drop 2-3 drips into each drink so as to not overpower the cocktail.

I got a three-pack sampler of craft bitters including the flavors Earl Grey, Japanese Chili and Lime, and Tart Cherry and Saffron. Let’s start with Z and I’s favorite, the Earl Grey; it tastes quite like the tea, light and smooth. Mixed with whiskey in an old fashioned or a Manhattan and it’s the perfect afternoon sipper. For a bit of flair on a warm day I’ll even add it to a classic gin and tonic (and skip the lime)!

Next up, the Japanese Chili and Lime is a spicy blend for the adventurous drinker. I know it’s a bold pairing, but I put this into a margarita with extra orange juice; a fruity spice bomb in my mouth with every sip! For even more fruity fun I’ll swap mango juice for ‘Rita mix and use a spicy habanero tequila. I just love to live life spicy, YA know!?

Lastly, the Tart Cherry and Saffron. When Z first got these it was the most puzzling bitters to find a use for; the unique pairing of flavors threw us off mentally, but make sense in smell and taste. Paired into a classic martini is the best way we’ve chosen to enjoy this, letting the cherry flavors embody everything else.

1821 Bitters, named after their prohibition era high time, are out of this world delicious, and a great gift for any cocktail enthusiast in your life. Looking to start small? 1821 Bitters also offers the classic cocktail bitters set. Want even bolder flavor? Check out their full stock and be sure to follow them!

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Recipe :: Ramen

Guys; it’s so cold. Like really effing cold. If you’re anything like me you’re a big baby; your extremities change colors, no amount of layers seem pervious to the frigid air and wind, and no amount of coffee or tea seems like enough. Days like these have me craving a slurp-y dinner that’s easy yet substantial and will put me into a food coma effective enough to bring me into the next day of arctic living. Things I’ve been noshing on lately? Soup and grilled cheese, classic pasta, and ramen. Ramen you say!? Yes, but fear not; this is not your college ramen (well, it is, but upgraded).

3 packets of Ramen (1 per person/serving)
1/2 an onion
2 cloves of garlic
meat of your choosing (we chose tofu)
1 table spoon of miso
8-12  cups of broth (we use vegetable)
2 TBSP of soy sauce
2 TBSP of sesame oil
1 branch of ginger
a bunch of cilantro, leaves broken up
a handful of scallions, chopped
1 egg per person
Siriacha sauce to taste

Begin by bringing your vegetable broth and miso to a boil in a large pot. Once they have come to a rolling boil, add in your full branch of ginger, the soy sauce, sesame oil, and let that simmer for a bit. We tend to do an hour+; the more it simmers the better it tastes!

Once you have your broth to your tasting it’s time to add your noodles (throw out the included sauce pack) and let simmer until noodles are soft and separated. While that boils slice your onion, dice your garlic, and chop your meat and sautee in a frying pan. Add to your noodles and let simmer for another 5 minutes. Next, fry (or poach) an egg per person.

Dish out the noodles and broth, placing the egg on top. Garnish with cilantro, scallions, and sriracha.

Enjoy, and stay warm my winter-weather-worn friends!

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Recipe :: Egg Boat

Eggs in a basket are a tad “old”, don’t you think? This week I’m bringing you a new creative way to present bready eggs for breakfast or brunch.

Fresh [French] Baguette
4-6 eggs
Salt, pepper
cheese (if desired)

Begin by pre-heating your oven to 350 degrees (F) and cutting holes into the baguette, about an inch in diameter, but only about halfway through the baguette.

Crack your eggs into the holes, adding salt, pepper, and cheese to your liking. Place in
your oven for 10-15 minutes, or until egg whites are no longer runny. Beware, when
baking the eggs it may look like they are not done, so be sure to touch them with a fork

or toothpick, otherwise they will overcook.

Et Voila! Modern eggs in a basket that is aesthetically pleasing and sure to wow
any breakfast party! Let me know if you try this recipe or any variation of it!

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Recipe :: Lasagna Rolls (The Carnivores vs The Vegan)

Well Hello! I haven’t done a recipe in a few weeks, but never fear, I’m back! This time, with a recipe for EVERYONE! Late last week my new roommates and I went on a quest to try something new for dinner, something satiable, and edible by all dietary restrictions. And this is what we ended up with: Lasagna Rolls, a vegan and non-vegan version!
20130426-091549.jpgrecipe*Recipe for vegan ricotta here*

Begin by boiling water and cooking your noodles; while they come to a boil begin to prep your mix. Combine your spinach, cheeses, egg, and salt and pepper to taste in a mixing bowl. Heat up/cook your protein and add that in as well!20130426-091716.jpgOnce your pasta is done, drain and rinse; then lay out either wax paper or saran wrap on the counter or work space and lay a few pieces at a time. Add about 2tbsp of filling to each piece of pasta, in a THIN layer, and roll from one end to the other. While you roll you can begin to preheat your oven to 400 degrees.20130426-091736.jpg20130426-091756.jpgAdd your lasagna rolls to a non stick pan, then lather on the tomato sauce, making sure every bit is covered so the pasta does not dry out. For an extra cheesy effect, add a layer of shredded cheese to the top!
Cook at 400 degrees for 30 minutes and you’re done! Healthy, delicious, and less mess than normal lasagna!

Let me know if you try this recipe! And Don’t Forget to Follow Me!

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Recipe Monday: Pretzel-Honey Mustard Crusted Tofu


So my roommate found and made a recipe for pretzel and honey mustard chicken on Pinterest one night; it smelled and looked so good I was compelled to try it with my tofu! The results; perfection. Only 4 ingredients, about 30 minutes of time, and it’s stress relieving. This dish had the sweet, salty, and healthy factor and literally just melted in my mouth. The only drawback was that I did NOT make enough for all the people who ended up wanting the vegan dish!


Ingredients you will need:
3/4 cup of Honey mustard
2-3 cups of pretzels
1-2 blocks of extra firm tofu
1 cup of Almond Milk

Begin by mixing your honey mustard and almond milk in a bowl until even and smooth. While doing that, or after, put your pretzels into a bag and crush as best you can! Using, whatever you can, as I did. Being vegetarian I didn’t have a meat cleaver, though I suspect that would work best.



After you drain your tofu with paper towels, make sure they are sliced about 1/4″ thick, then lather in the mustard-milk mixture, press into the pretzel mixture (make sure there’s a nice, thick, and even coat on there) then sear in a dash of oil in a frying pan! Sear until golden brown on each side.



I served mine with a side of broccoli and some extra honey mustard mix glazed on top. Like, I said, this is an amazing melt in your mouth dish that vegans and meat eaters alike enjoyed. Let me know if you try this recipe, or any variation of it with meat, or seitan, or what you think would work well!


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