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Girl Crush: Nicole Richie

It’s been a while since I posted an ode to a fashionable woman. I’d been a bit uninspired lately, to be honest, seeing so many carbon copies of styles or ones that were just trying too hard. and then I remembered the petite icon with purple hair; Nicole Richie. Girl went from a train wreck to a style guru basically overnight, and she just keeps getting better and better. She’s maintained her outgoing and borderline crass personality, which I’ve always been fond of, yet she’s grown it up a bit, as well as becoming quite the doting parent. Every once in a while I just have to binge watch Candidly Nicole for her style and humor.

girl makes me want to grab a bottle of bleach and go thrift shopping, all while trying to lose 10 pounds.

what do you think of Nicole Richie? Do you idolize her personal style?

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Girl Crush: Ann Marie Hoang

I haven’t done a girl crush style post in awhile; maybe because I’ve been so focused on myself and my life that I haven’t been feeling too inspired by other fashionistas around me.  DC may also be to blame in that respect. So where do I get my best inspiration? Well, since I’m always on the go, these days it’s InstaGram. One standout grammer is a lady I’ve been following for a couple of years, and damn the girl kills it. I’m talking about Ann Marie Hoang, stylist and fashion mastermind behind @Mstr_of_disguise, or more appropriately, the master of converging bold urban styles with glamorous classics, with an ever-so-subtle bohemian vibe.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Rad as fuck, am I right!? Be sure to follow this fashionista on InstaGram for more killer inspos on the daily. If you have any one in mind you think I’d like for a future #girlcrush post, tell me about them!

XO Sahra

Girl Crush: Christine Centenera

I haven’t done a Girl Crush post in AGES! I think it was because I was in the midst of a personal style evolution. It’s funny how personal style goes that way; you start out young, fearless and with one main element to your style. As you grow up, other elements mix in, other forces inspire you, and you and your style evolve.

In my case, it was a mix of growing up and moving. I will always have my punk edge, but as I age it becomes more refined. I’m inspired by more clean lines and less cheeky tee’s, though I’m still all for leather and leopard.

This week’s lady of inspiration has all the elements of a style I aspire to be. Christine Centenera, stylist and editor of Harpers Bazaar AU, is my current style crush.

Christine Centenera

Christine Centenera

Christine Centenera

Christine is an Effortless Cool mix of edgy confidence. She’s black  and leather and pattern play, kitschy tee’s mixed with elegant basics. Her fearless use of color and prints prove ever farther that she’s a master of her personal style. She’s a street style photographer’s dream, her natural good looks aiding in her ease with photos.

Christine Centenera

Christine Centenera

I’m aesthetically infatuated, girl crushing on her style.

What do you think of Christine Centenera’s style? Who’s inspiring YOU latey!?

Girl Crush: IHateBlonde

This girl….a friend pointed me in the direction of her Facebook a few months ago and it’s been a growing crush ever since. The girl behind the blog, Rachel, seems to live in WildFox sweaters and Unif Hellbounds; the things my dreams are made of. A gorgeous, blonde New Yorker with style; I’m smitten.

Certifiably bad-a$$ with a killer body and tres effortless cool style; can I just BE her already!?

What do you think of her style? Be sure to check out her blog,!

Girl Crush: Willow Smith

Can I even call this a “crush” without it being misconstrued for some sort of child objectification? Please, anyone reading, don’t be alarmed; I merely just mean I’m crushing on this child’s style.

I’ve spent the evening listening to Willow Smith and perusing her Tumblr and InstaGram and I just have to say; she is the coolest F-ing 11 year old I’ve ever seen! and how can she not be, with such exceptionally cool parents? I almost feel bad for being sartorially inspired by a child of that age, but you know what? I don’t care. And whether it’s her own personality or a stylist, I don’t care; this is STYLE and one that I love.

And even cooler? After her smash hit “Whip my hair back and forth” came and went, Willow cut her hair, and her loving and endearing parents supported her whole heartedly. Cool parents=cool kids.

Willow’s style staples seem to be very similar to my own; combat style boots, oversized tee shirts, a never ending supply of denim cut offs, and ofcourse, some studs and spikes. Also, I’m incredibly envious of her blazer/jacket collection. And her hats. I’m clearly pretty upset over losing three fedoras in the past year.

Green tea Frappucino? Me too, girl, ME TOO.

What do you think of young Willow Smith’s style? Are you inspired? If so, how do you feel being touched and inspired by such a young member of the world?

Now, I leave you with one of Willow’s ADORABLE gifs, found on her Tumblr:

Girl Crush: Gillian Zinser

Where has this girl BEEN all my life? Thanks to the What Do I Wear Tumblr I’ve been seeing her gorgeous face and effortlessly cool style all over my Tumblr dashboard. Apparently she’s an actress on 90210, which makes sense that I’ve never seen her due to me being culturally inept and also lacking a television.

She’s complete California cool right down to her beachy waves and sun kissed skin. She’s making me seriously contemplate a move out west!














Follow This beaut on Tumblr and don’t forget to catch her as Ivy on 90210 Tuesdays at 8 on the CW!

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Girl Crush: Shenae Grimes

Shenae Grimes is the epitome of a California beauty. He style is effortlessly cool, with a slight tinge of edge, and a TON of her fun personality. Seriously, I feel we would get along so well if we ever had the opportunity to hang out in real life! Also, I’m starting to plan a trip to LA for next month, and her style is the perfect inspiration!

That smile, her goofiness, laid back chic….she’s everything I wish I could be in California!

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Girl Crush: Masha Sedgwick

I might need to move to Europe. I mean, my ancestors were German, which is quite close with Poland. Which is where two of my previous Girl Crush’s are from.

This one is German; meet Masha Segwick. Lover, broken hearted, rocker styled. Red hair with some signature dark lips and excessive rings.

She’s pretty, stylish, and rock n’ roll to the core! Make sure you go check out her blog, Glamour-Rock!

Girl Crush: Porcelain Black

If you haven’t noticed by now my style is a little out there; influenced by a more rock’n’roll culture (as well as classic glamour-yay versatility!). All of my girl crushes have something unique to their edgy style. Now, normally I do other bloggers, but today’s girl style crush is a singer and performer who goes by the name of Porcelain Black.

Real name Alaina Beaton has been a long time coming to the culture scene, starting out as a cliche “scene girl” but hey, we all went through that phase, right?

Now, she’s figured out one hair style (two colors) to stick with that makes her memorable. And besides her gorgeous tresses, this girl has tattoos, killer style, and not to mention a rockin’ BF (Bam Margera). Let’s look back at my favorite, inspiring looks of hers:

She is the definition of Glam-rock in sky high heels, black and metal, and just the right amount of sheer. She is everything I aspire to be sartorially, if only hot pants were a less frowned upon form of public clothing.

Now, I leave you with my favorite single of hers:

Girl Crush: NYC Fashion Blogger of The Month: Candy!

Okay, so this is a two birds with one stone murder type post. As a coordinator for the NYC Fashion Blogger MeetUp Group I’m in charge of picking my favorite blogger for the month, so obviously I’m going to pick a girl who’s style I’m totally crushing.

I’d seen pictures of the lovely Candy of Taylor and Demolish before I met her and immediately asked the other coordinators who she was and why I hadn’t met her and her always-studded self. Once I finally met her it was like we instantly clicked. As previously stated, she’s always wearing something studded, and she tends to reconstruct and sew her own clothes! She’s got both sides of her head shaved (yea, I’m a little jealous), tattoos, leather boots. Yea, she fits right in with the rest of my girl crushes 🙂 Oh! And she’s a fellow Brooklynite 🙂

Here’s some pictures of Candy being an amazing NYC Fashion Blogger:

with Preity of FashionSolace

Candy and I!

If you’re into kick a$$ style and AMAZING DIY tutorials (clutches, dresses, studded chucks…) be sure to check out her blog, Taylor and Demolish.