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September in An Instant

Another month, come and gone. Fall is officially here, and I couldn’t be happier that the first week of October has temperatures in the 80s…. Hashtag #SummerForever ! This past month I worked hard, planned plenty and am really excited for my future in every aspect, from this blog, to my job, to my relationships…it’s all going so well for once! These images are just an “insta-peak” into my month of September! I read thousands of pages of September Issues, explored more of DC, ventured out of my comfort zones, ate my way through many a macaron, made a few friends, tried my first CRONUT, fell in love with the decals of UrbanWalls, and fell more in love with the city of DC and my man.

Even though I’ve already been utilizing fall elements in my cooking (pumpkin and butternut squash!) I’m ecstatic for more quintessential fall eats this October, and ofcourse, endless viewings of Hocus Pocus! I think it will be a great month, even though it’s already planned out with trips to Fright Fest, Upstate NY, exploring DC, and my first ever trip to Philadelphia!

How was your September!? What are you looking forward to most in October!?


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so… it’s happening. 2013 is HALF OVER. I’ve been saying it all year, but time has been flying! I can’t say I mind though; less time to dwell and I spend more time enjoying the good!
June has been no exception to the eventful months that have preluded it. I’ve spent time in Baltimore, my former home of NYC, and PLENTY of time in my new stomping grounds of Washington DC. I’ve explored new neighborhoods, eaten great food, and even went to my first DC event, hosted by Topaz and Arrow (post coming soon here on the blog!). I partied at the National Geographic, saw a Shakespeare play, went to a Postal Service concert, and drank MANY mimosas. A rather PERFECT month.
Like I said back in the beginning of spring, July will be jam packed with travel! I’m so excited to Providence, Maine, and Delaware; and definitely stoked to work on a serious tan! But most importantly, I’m SO EXCITED to spend the Fourth of July in the Nation’s Capital.
How was your June?! What are you excited for most about July?

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May in an Instant

I’m going to be honest; I almost typed “March” instead of May. Can you blame me? While the previous months of 2013 have flown by, May seems to have come in waves; slow, crashing waves.

Here’s a peak into what I’ve been up to this May via my InstaGram, which if you’re not already following, YOU SHOULD BE!!20130531-215521.jpg20130531-215615.jpg20130531-215745.jpg20130531-215808.jpgIf you haven’t caught on; there’s some big changes in the works for EffortlessCool within the next month, and eventually within the next year! and if you pay REALLY close attention you’ll start noticing and catching on! I’ve got big ideas and only the highest hopes and wishes for myself and my plans (optimistic thinking!). I’ve also been having a tad too much fun playing with flowers, jewelry, and accessories at work trying to create enticing visuals! I studied visual merchandising in college as my minor and it’s a shot-gun riding passion of mine that goes hand in hand with fashion.
Anyway, here’s to a great, and busy, June! BRING IT ON!

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April is OVER!? 2013 is flying by! It’s been such a busy month in the life of me! I officially moved to Baltimore, Maryland, started my new job, spent many days off in DC, worked on gaining a social life, trying new restaurants and recipes… I even experimented with cooking MEAT! Which if you’ve noticed is not really something I’d normally do; but I did it. I touched chicken breasts (tee hee hee) and made dinner for my amazing roommates.
Here’s a quick look into my month of April via InstaGram: be sure to follow!

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March In An Instant

Is March REALLY over? The past few months have been a blur; I’ve been rather busy packing and haven’t had much time for outfit posts.

After my trip to Baltimore in February, I decided to apply for jobs on a whim…and heard back from many! I start a new job in exactly one week, in a new city, in a new home; My new adventure awaits. That being said, any followers/fellow Baltimore/DC bloggers out there? I’d love to make new friends who are as creative and fashion oriented with me! Also, I’ve lined up work with a few photographers and have some great roommates so I’m hoping you’ll be seeing more than iPhone/instagrammed outfits out of me soon!

In the meantime, enjoy my March InstaGram ReCap (and be sure to follow me @EffortlessCoolSahra)!

XO Sahra

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February is over already!? Well, it is the shortest month of the year. For me it’s been snowy and busy; changing things, focusing harder, making plans, traveling and testing out new situations. I’m ready for March and the impending spring, along with more travels and ventures.
How was your February!?

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December in an Instant


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