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Monthly Musings Vol. 10

**Warning: Political Opinions Ahead**

The first month of the year is done; through; kaput. It’s been a trying one to say the least. While I started strong with my New Year’s Resolutions like many others the facts of the future of my nation quickly took a stronghold on everything going on in my life. Mid-January I spent a full day in the cold, surrounded by 500,000 + other people packed into the small space known as The National Mall. A day of peaceful protest as we prepared for the unknown. A few days later we were given a glimpse of what’s to come and it’s worse than we could have thought. Our brothers and sisters detained, unable to return to their homes and families. Rights of peoples of all walks of life are being threatened and questioned. Not one week after that man was brought to power did we force ourselves to get back out there with freshly made signs ready to let our voices be heard yet again. A narcissistic ego-maniac is getting hurt by proven facts and denying them. We’re on the brink of a Great Regression in human rights and society.

This January round-up will be a little different. In addition to the normal glitzy inspirations from around the World Wide Web I’d like to highlight some groups and organizations that are in need of donations to keep fighting the good fight, offering their services. Products that submit donations, humbling and heartbreaking stories revolving around the current state of affairs, and similar. I hope you’ll join me in supporting these businesses and organizations in the hopes for a brighter future.

  1. On January 21st WE MADE HISTORY. I am still getting very emotional looking back at how many people across the city, our country – even the world – stood together in solidarity. THREE MILLION PEOPLE. It was definitely the highlight of the month and such a great positive in an otherwise negative and heart breaking month.
  2. Have you seen those “We The People are greater than fear” posters? There are so many and they’re all amazing; I love that they showcase different kinds of women with the same message.; children, muslim women, Native American, latina… we’re all here, and we are all human.
  3. Create a safe and cozy space in your home with these tips from your favorite hotels.
  4. One non-political thing I’ve loved this month is all the street style from Berlin Fashion Week…I’m totally getting inspired to pick up some track suits and some vintage logo tees and pretend it’s 2001 again.
  5. Over 40 years ago America was in a similar situation, fighting for the rights of our people. These MLK quotes ring true then and even more so now.
  6. Don’t get us wrong, Z and I know we’re #blessed; living in a progressive city as white educated middle class citizens. Even still, we keep thinking of fleeing the States in the midst of this cultural regression and these cities top our list for opportunities.
  7. In a post-Trump world of “alternative facts” it is amazing to see people sticking to their guns, even if it means going rogue. National Parks and NASA (and more) are becoming the cool-rebel-nerds we’ve always known them to be.

Socially Responsible Wishlist Wears: (1) By shopping The Outrage you get a cool, modern shirt that waves your feminist flag and 15% of the proceeds go to Planned Parenthood in Donald’s name. My Favorites? The Future is Female and Nasty Women Unite tops, and their collection of pins are the perfect accoutrement to your denim jacket look. (2) Everlane (your fave go-to basics) has come out with the 100% Human collection in which a portion of the proceeds benefits the ACLU. (3) The safety pin has become a ubiquitous symbol of solidarity and support. Grab a tee shirt and choose where you’d like your money to go: Black Lives Matter, the DAPL, Scaramento LGBTQ Community… (3) Feminist Apparel is another that allows you to choose who you support. Their tops are cute and stylish and done by aspiring designers, so you also support budding girl bosses. (4) When Trump said government agencies couldn’t tweet about climate change/science/crowd sizes many went “rogue” and it was kind of the best thing ever. Grab a “Rogue NASA” tee here and 50% of the proceeds with go to Black Girl Code and FIRST. (5)Just a few more places to shop for benefiting wears right here.

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Monthly Musings Vol. 9

iPhone wallpaper #iPhone wallpaper #xmasWallpaper:

I cannot believe we’ve made it to the end of the year! I don’t even know what to say. December is always such a reflective time for me; it’s the end of the year, my birthday, Z’s birthday, holidays. 2016 has been a beautiful year for me; We started it in New Orleans and Texas and have ended the year in Iceland. We’ve celebrated 100 years of National Parks, WE GOT ENGAGED.

And now, we welcome in 2017. Man, it’s going to be one HECK of a year. I’m excited for the styles that are to come, and to continue honing my own personal style, growing my blog and social media, and taking on new consulting clients and brands to work with. I’m excited to travel a little bit, to locations old and new, starting with another trip to Providence in January, Charleston in February, and home to NYC in March! Our wedding will be in the fall and then our honeymoon will be amazing, I can already tell; Two adventurous souls taking on new cultures.

  1. Pixie Market is a DREAM and these picks are the perfect post-holiday pick-me-up.
  2. Guys, we’re getting older. Some of us are on the wrong side of 30 and the rest of us are inching towards it. This guide from TheEveryGirl gives advice on what to expect.
  3. Sarah Paulson’s career advice will keep you grounded and inspired. We are still so young.
  4. Make 2017 the year you shop consciously with this list of sustainable brands
  5. Guys I’m literally dying over this Buzzfeed list of 100 funny pictures.
  6. A map of each state’s favorite make-up you say? It’s pretty on point and so interesting to see where the brands stack up.

Wishlisting wears: (1) I’ve always loved the Gucci Animalier collection, but this wallet might actually need to be mine. (2) Valentine’s Day is next month and I’m already considering this dress as the perfect red and cream date-night piece. (3) That dress paired with these floral embroidered boots would make the perfect edgy look! (4) Winter is just beginning but this ruffled sweater, only $40, would keep me happy and warm all season long.



Monthly Musings Vol. 8

Welcome to December! I cannot believe we’re here! This year has been flying by (I feel like I say that monthly). November was a fast month, full of family for the holidays, shopping for December’s holidays, so much food, and so many great friends! I said Yes to “The Dress” this month, which is a big weight off my shoulders in the way of wedding planning, and started ticking even more off of our wedding planning checklist.

As we gear up for December I am full of excitement. Z’s birthday is just around the corner, with mine following after that. There’s holiday parties galore and I’m so excited to get into the festive spirit and have some good excuses to get all dressed up! And the most exciting part? We’re going to be heading to spend Christmas with Santa in the North Pole! Actually! well, basically…we’re headed off to Reykjavik and exploring Iceland. The Northern Lights on Christmas has me giddy with excitement!

On to my favorite reads of the month!

  1. PSA: BEYONCE HAS A LINE OF HOLIDAY GEAR. gimmegimmegimme!!!!
  2. announced their Word of The Year and it is oh so appropo.
  3. Beat the burnout from holiday overload with these simple tips from Apartment Therapy.
  4. Style over fashion. And here’s how you become the master of your lewk.
  5. I just can’t stop LOLing over these animal names!
  6. I got the new iPhone and never once question the lack of a headphone jack. Going wireless makes it easy to get up from my desk without the possibility of accidentally dropping my phone. Refinery29 rounded up a great selection of wireless headphones…I’m looking at those rose gold Caeden’s.
  7. White bishes love rose everything, rosé wine, rose gold…and now rose gold hair? def considering trying it for the summer circuit!
  8. I, like, every other woman who grew up in Stars Hollow, spent the end of the month watching A Year in The Life. There’s been so many recaps, but I love Nylon’s advice for budding journalists.
  9. doing some holiday shopping on a budget? There’s sooo so many gift guides out there but I’m specifically loving everything on this list!
  10. DC babes, we’re getting an SJP store that Carrie Bradshaw would approve of! though, tbh, IDK how I feel about it being in a casino….
  11. The end of the year can tend to herald a need to try something new or to switch jobs. The Every Girl has you covered with how to look for a new job while you still have one.

wishlisting: (1) this dress looks like a Valentino dream, but for a fraction of the price. (2) Nike’s with a rose gold accent? yes please! (3) forever wishing I could wear For Love and Lemons outside the bedroom. (4) Feel like your very own VS angel in these dreamy pajamas. (5) Dear Holiday Parties, you need this dress, don’t you? those sleeves! idie.

Want to keep up with me on my holiday travels?

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Monthly Musings Vol. 6

Fall is in full swing guys! What a month September has been; I started in Las Vegas, traveled to Utah and Arizona, got engaged, started planning a wedding…all while Fashion Month was going on, as I ogled the runway collections from afar.

Despite the big month I’ve found some amazing and inspiring reads across the internets:

  1. these 40 best travel quotes are giving me some serious wanderlust!
  2. Now that it’s fall I’m craving cozy nights in with a good book, and bohemian upgrades to parts of my home. That image above is, like, a total dreamspace. Dear Fiance, we’re going pillow and textile shopping!
  3. Speaking of home updates, on the other end of the spectrum this colorful abode is FI-IIIINE. And totally has me considering wall paper for the ceiling…
  4. Have you been inspired to travel by a book? Why not take the exact path they took and see things for yourself with this literary road trip map.
  5. It’s officially fall! Time to embrace the cooler weather with one of these cocktails!

In the spirit of Fashion Month, here’s a few of my fave collections we saw:

  • Marques Almeida gave total cool-girl grunge feels.
  • Moody and gothic, I loved Erdem’s take on spring florals.
  • Speaking to every facet of my personality Dior is a stunner as always.
  • For the past few seasons Alessandro Michele has further proven that I am a Gucci Girl.
  • Dreaming up Summer wedding outfit ideas inspired by Marchesa Notte.
  • SEA is the epitome of elevated basics for spring.

Wishlisting: (1) this cozy sweater is perfect over jeans and a tee for weekend advenures and errands. (2) A bell sleeved sweater is a must for fall layers, and (3) a cheap version is even better! (4) Speaking of must-haves for fall, I’m craving patterned velvet booties in a bold hue. (5) as I prepare for my engagement photos (!!) I want to be trendy yet classic, and this Self Portrait dress checks all the boxes.

What have you been inspired by this September? What are you looking forward to in October?

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Monthly Musings Vol. 5

North and south ... the SE1 steams along the Vietnam coast.

Welcome to another month of my favorite reads! I started August on the beach for a family vacation; now I’m starting September on the go again — this time on a last minute Labor Day Weekend trip to the Grand Canyon! Be sure to follow along on InstaGram and Snapchat and check back soon for my posts about it.

In the meantime, here’s my favorite reads of the month, from wanderlust evoking lists to career advice and style musings.

  1. Obviously, I love to travel and there’s something magical about a train journey; I’d totally take any one of these trains! 5 more things for the bucket list!
  2. The Olympics were this month and with America being a reigning champion in most events it’s clear that the Olympic Fever is going to stick around a little longer this year. And when your favorite athlete came from a background like this, well isn’t that just the American Dream?
  3. This read had me taking style Q’s from the kiddos and totally missing that NYC feeling. You know, that feeling where anything goes sartorially and where no one judges you for your self expression? Yea, I miss that.
  4. I gave up caffeine a few months ago now and can’t believe how energized I feel. If you’re thinking about taking the plunge too I suggest you start with this read!
  5. Looking ahead to fall style and starting to curate my wardrobe. I can’t wait for all velvet err’thing.
  6. Speaking of looking ahead (far ahead) I found this Money Diaries about wedding planning absolutely fascinating. I am already so stressed for that part of my future.
  7. What to do when pups can’t get adopted? YOU HAVE A SLEEPOVER! Ohemgee guys I squealed (and maybe pms-cried) over this adorable read! Good thing they don’t have that in DC yet or I’d be owning a farm!


Wishlisting: (1) Moody and Velvet, yes please! Perfect for late Autumn eves. (2) The best tee for  the adventurer’s soul is right here. (3) Maybe it’s my freezing office, maybe it’s the impending fall, but I really really want to wrap myself in a cozy bell sleeved sweater until forever. (4) Fall bootie goals include ankle height and embellished; so glam! (5) Keeping with fall, it’s going to be pants weather again and I’m definitely needing some frayed hem denim; this under $50 pair is PERFECT!

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Monthly Musings Vol. 4

It’s August! The summer is in full swing. I’m currently on vacation (though this post was obviously written over the course of July in it’s entirety) and I gotta say I’m super stoked to get in some beach reads and soak up ALL the sun I can for the week!

Whether you’re enjoying summer or stuck at work, here’s something to give you a little break: my favorite finds and reads from the internet this month!

  1. Part of my 2016 bucket list is to go on a trip alone. With my growing love of yoga and my forever love of the ocean I’m totally thinking this Yoga and Surf retreat might be just what I need.
  2. I can’t believe I’m only JUST hearing about REI’s United Outside summer series of events (to celebrate their first location in DC!). Campfire s’mores and a wine and photo tour? SIGN ME UP! Anyone else outdoorsy want to go!?
  3. Keeping on with this theme of adventure…these under $500 vacas are screaming my name for weekend getaways.
  4. to get politically topical…this is how to get white people to stop being racist (scientifically).
  5. Since I’m at the beach, why not enjoy these vintage beach photos! How glam was beach going back in the day, sans SnapChat and Selfies? I’m hoping my squad and I can be as glam as the one above.
  6. Now looking ahead and out of summery goodness into some prefall date nights, I really need a fire pit in my yard or on my porch. What about you? I legit can’t get over the copper metal one!

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Monthly Musings Vol. 3

living rooms vogue

image via Vogue

It’s July already!? I swear it feels like summer just started and I had just finished posting my June musings. I seriously can’t believe summer is half over (and that I haven’t been by a pool or a beach yet!)! Send help in the form of self tanner and pool floats, plz.

On to the best things I’ve read so far this month:

  1. These living room styles through the ages are dreamy! I love that my own home has a mix of so many styles and inspirations.
  2. I recently stumbled upon the series of Motherhood around the world on Cup of Jo. As a woman who loves traveling and learning about cultures it’s been an exciting read! One of the things that struck out to me the most, though, is that a mother in Kenya they could only find blonde haired, blue eyed baby dolls. Upsetting much?
  3. I’ve just started getting into the Listen Money Matters podcast and their episode about SoFi was so intriguing; who knew you could save an average of $19,000 while repaying your student loans!?
  4. I, like every social media obsessed girl, love SnapChat. and I’m totally already fantasizing all the GeoFilters I could create for events and my neighborhood using this super easy tutorial! Watch out World, QSS is going into SnapFilters!
  5. If you’re thinking about switching jobs read this first! I wish I had before entering the real work force.
  6. YOU GUYS. NYC just announced for FREE feminine products in public spaces. If you follow me on Twitter, or know me in real life, you know that this makes me so happy I could (and maybe did) cry. This is such an important thing and I can’t wait to see which cities follow suit.
  7. I haven’t traveled at all in June, so I’m left with a little wanderlust on the mind. I’m thinking a tropical birthday getaway this winter a la this rocky coast.

Wishlisting:  After watching The Intern I’ve decided I really need some high waisted wide leg trousers for my workweek wardrobe. Here’s a lust-worthy pair and here’s an affordable pair; which do you love best!? I’ve got espadrille fever and I’m loving the ones from Soludos; there’s so many great pairs it’s hard to pick! And they’re all under $100!


What’s been your favorite finds this month!?

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Monthly Musings Vol. 2


Welcome to your second installment of my favorite things on the internet! what’d you think of the first one? LOVE it? hate it? Let me know!

On to the next one, though. Here’s what I’ve been reading and loving and sharing for the month of May. Also, how in the hell is it already June?!?????

  1. I’m a ways off from being a parent myself but these ladies are total #MomGoals
  2. Working in a liberal, casual office I feel like this WhoWhatWear style guide was made just for me!
  3. It’s like the real life Olivia Pope Y’all! except that he’s a man, but still! #Scandalous
  4. How To Be Happy: some good lessons for a brighter and fuller life
  5. After mercury’s retrograde had my work life in upheavel this was JUST the read I needed to get me back into a focused and good employee state of mind.
  6. Reason # 5889 that I need to get my butt back to NYC and get a job at Conde Nast: these employee perks. Unlimited Wardrobe yes please!
  7. Holy Wanderlust! This secluded beachy resort (the one in the image above) is making my heart sing the songs of wanderlust, big time. Time to pack my bags and head back to Africa I guess!


wishlisting: These reversible leggings are beaut! And perfect for yoga (the side with the palm print is speaking to my inner sun beam). And speaking of summer, espadrilles are a must, but cheeky espadrilles are a HELL YES.

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Monthly Musings Vol. 1


Alright Y’all, it’s time. Many bloggers have been doing weekly link ups to start their Friday’s off. That’s fun and all, and I absolutely LOVE reading them! They’re always full of light and inspiring reads I may not have initially found. I’ve always been a list-er. I make to-do lists, curate lists of my favorite places for people to see in new cities, and ever since we’ve started dating I’ve been making fun little email lists for my beau to read.

Now, I want to share some with you (since sometimes my guy is not the most appreciative of these aesthetically envy-inducing shares). So welcome to a new *monthly* feature of monthly musings from around the internet! I hope you enjoy, and find some great things along the way!

  1. The above bar? It’s from Viviane Beverly Hills and as soon as I saw it I was like “but baaabe, why can’t we have marble walls AND countertops in our home??!” Someday, my walls, someday….
  2. I know I’m personally really lucky to have my own walk in closet at home, but Chiara Ferragni’s “bursting at the seams” wardrobe is just ENVY
  3. I just discovered Sugar & Cloth and it is everything my home and life wants to be. #blogcrush
  4. Note To Self: Cultivate more good habits
  5. I think I need to commission a few of these and get some good art of my fur babies!
  6. Anti-Aging Gin? I mean, COME ON. Sign me up!
  7. Dear Travel Bucket List; you’ve just gotten longer.

wishlisting: This yoga mat would be a perfect statement for my Saturday Morning sesh.

Hope you all have a great May!

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