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Leather Skirt and Harley Shirt

This fall weather is having me so excited to wear clothes again! Breaking away from breezy dresses I’m starting to get creative with layering again, and having fun with my personal style. I’m loving that graphic tees are having a moment right now — now my souvenir tee shirts get more use than sleeping clothes!

Harley Davidson souvenir tee
Vintage leather skirt (similar here, here, here)
thrifted/DIY jacket
booties via DSW (my fave 3 sequin boots right now: 1 // 2 // 3 )
ASOS skinny scarf (get it here) (similar here)

photos by Tanvi

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3 Ways to Wear the Culotte Jumpsuit

Last year it was all about culottes, and jumpsuits, seperately. This year, the trend merges into a beautiful trendy piece. I previously wore my Madewell denim culotte jumpsuit by itself, but today I wanted to share with you my new culotte jumpsuit (yes, I’m obsessed) by Ami Clubwear.

  1. Tee’d Up

The 90s grunge style is back, this we know. Why not play up the grunge with a simple white tee, and add it to the funky trend of a statement jumpsuit. Even if you pair it with a solid, this look is sure to leave you #crushingit

2. Cozy Chic

By pairing your jumpsuit with a cozy knit you also amp up the casual factor, and tame down the whole “jumpsuit” part of it, leaving you with a cool and casual cool-otte (lame pun) look!

3. Blazin’ Work Chic

Contrary to the former ways to wear it, this one brings your culotte jumpsuit to the other side of the sartorial spectrum. By adding a blazer and the right heels you can make this look totally workday appropriate! And then when Happy Hour rolls around all you need to do is drop the jacket and you’re ready to party!

What do you think of these alternate ways to style the all-in-one piece?

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Featured: A Whole Buncha Nothin’s Favorite Blogs

Nyasia of AWholeBunchaNothin has featured me, alongside some amazing other bloggers, as one of her top three favorites! I feel so honored!

The other two: Kenza of Sweden, and my own GirlCrush, BillyTilly!

Be sure to check out Nyasia’s fashion blog! She’s an adorable model and blogger who I worked with on two occasions and is a total sweetheart!

Go Local withMeInto!

Due to the recession, a major focus has been placed on more local businesses. As consumers, especially in the slowly drowning fashion business, we need to do our part to support smaller businesses.

One online website is completely revolutionizing how we can do this. MeInto brings local boutiques’ merchandise to consumers across the world! On the site you can view apparel by style, boutique, and location. Not only do they have womenswear, they also have accessories, some KILLER jewelry, menswear, and childrenswear.

Here are my favorite pics from their current women’s collections:

Striped Biker Jacket $60 fromUmgee

Blue Dress $56 from Lush

Sequin Jacket $249 from Betsy Moss

As you can see, they’re very on trend with the sheer maxis and leather accents.

These boutiques, and the site, carry hundreds of different brands, and is a great all in one place to find both classic vintage pieces, and newer top brands like J Brand and Miss Me. Right now, they are also having free shipping! Take advantage, and if you’re looking for some great more formal dresses, check there first and support local business!

Also, even greater news; MeInto is doing a Facebook giveaway and YOU could win a $1000 wardrobe! Like their page, upload a video, and good luck!

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Rain Queen

Due to the current state of the weather I only found it fitting to write about rain boots today. Lets start off by saying a pair of durable yet stylish rain boots is a must-have.

My number one favorite brand of rain boots is Hunter. This UK based brand produces Wellington Boots that come in an array of colors and are made of heavy weight, durable rubber. The coolest thing about them though, you can buy “fleece wellie socks” which are a fleece liner to put in your boots to stay extra warm! AKA they double as snow boots. As for price, the boots are a fair $115 a pair, and last for years. The socks are $30. Now, where you can find these perfect rain boots? I’ve seen them in Bloomingdale’s and Orva Shoes as well as a number of other shoe boutiques.


Ricky’s NYC is another place for choice rain gear. They carry the normal style of rain boots in an array of trendy prints, as well as Converse and Doc Marten inspired Wellie’s. They’re price points are significantly less at $54.99 but you’re slacking on the comfort and durability. If you happen to live outside NYC or far from any Ricky’s, you can find their products online at !

Lastly, if all else fails and you need a cheap pair of rain boots, I suggest Target or Marshall’s. Target has rain boots on sale in the rainy seasons for about $30 a pop. The designs are mediocre; this season includes a pink Burberry-esque plaid, pink polka dot, black and multi color polka dot and black and white houndstooth. These boots will be lucky if they last you until the fall, as I’ve found the insoles to come unattached and move around inside the boot and sometimes the boots to leak due to “normal wear and tear”. Marshall’s has similar stats to Target, but sometimes you can find a sweet deal on the clearance rack (I once found a pair of cute rain boots there for $7!).

So go grab yourself a pair of rain boots that fit your style and budget and splash around in the puddles! You only live ONCE!